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4 Ways to Make Pets More Comfortable at Home

Aging has a way of sneaking up on us all, including our dogs, but because it happens so slowly, it's easy to miss. If your dog is sleeping excessively or isn't spending as much time with his favorite toy, a few tweaks to the environment might be in order.

Here's how to share your house with man's best buddy in a dog-friendly way.

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Is it OK for dogs to be on the furniture?

It's really up to you. There's nothing better than curling up on the couch with your dog after a long day at work. If you don't want your dog to be on the furniture, that's fine

It just means you have to teach your dog where you want them to be instead.

Quick Tip: It's important to agree as a family if you want your dog on your furniture or not. This means that everyone will be the same when it comes to training and dogs will know what to do.

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How can we teach our dogs where to go?

Reward-based training is recommended to teach our dogs where we want them to hangout. You can use their favorite food to "pay" them for going to their own regions of rest, whether it's in their own nice bed or on the sofa. They'll gladly hang out where the good stuff is delivered if you make it worthwhile for them to be there. Do not chastise or penalize your dogs if they go where you don't want them to.

Quick Tip: Dogs prefer warm, comfortable places to sleep, so provide them with a variety of comfortable beds in various locations throughout your home.

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What are the finest materials for pet-friendly furniture?

Wipeable textiles, as well as fabrics with tough finishes like tweed, imitation suede, polyester or highest level of performance fabrics available on the market like Sunbrella, Ultrasuede, and Crypton are ideal choices. Dog owners should consult the professionals (that's us) if they are still unsure. Speak with a member of the T.Y. Fine Furniture team about finding the ideal sofa for you and your dog.

You may also add some beautiful coverings and blankets to your sofa so you can relax with your dog without having to worry about pet hair. 

Quick Tip: To save time and effort, look for models that are simple to wash and tumble dry.

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Is grooming required and how often?

Regular grooming is critical for your dog's health, and it is recommended that we groom our pets properly from the start.  It's a good idea to get your puppy or dog used to grooming from the start, since their nails will need to be cut on a regular basis for their comfort.

Quick Tip: Regular visits to a skilled groomer can also help to safeguard your furnishings!

Dogs are valuable members of any family and can significantly improve our quality of life. A little extra vacuuming is a little thing to pay for the unconditional love that is returned.

Is there anything else we can say? If you are currently dog-less and are able to welcome one into your house, do so, but always remember to adopt rather than shop!

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