What you need to know about EMFs and Spring Mattresses.

It seems like at least once a week a customer asks me about EMFs and how they may impact their sleep and health. As a Mechanical Engineer with a strong Physics background, I naturally have more experience with the subject than those simply surfing the web. 

What is EMF? It is an Electro Magnetic Field. Where do EMFs come from? Anything electronic emits EMFs naturally. Your computer, cell phone, the lights in your home, the power outlet next to your bed and the power lines in your walls. EMFs are really almost everywhere. People often accurately refer to EMFs as EMF radiation, making it sound scary, dangerous and unhealthy. But lets understand this term first. 

So lets talk Physics. EMFs are a waveform, or a type of radiation if you prefer to call it that. You deal with and are exposed to various types of safe radiation every minute of everyday. Things like natural light, artificial light, radio signals, cell signals, remote controls are all forms of radiation that are proven 100% safe. Other radiation that is considered unsafe includes UV rays, X rays, and gamma rays are considered dangerous. But why?

 EMFs and mattresses

Waves are measured by their length amplitude and frequency. When you measure a large wave, such as a radio wave, you see the wave length up to 10000 meters long, a wave that is so large, can travel large distances and will literally bounce off anything it contacts, a reason radio moves so far. Waves get closer to the Ionizing side of the spectrum, their length is so small .0000001 meters long, that they can directly manipulate and deform cells in a persons body. Making them dangerous to be exposed to. 


Here is an excellent video showing how little you mattress springs impact EMF fields! If anything, they will actually reduce them, not magnify them as some people claim. 

And here he tests if it amplifies EMF waves..
As you can see, spring mattresses have 0% impact on the level of EMF exposure your body is exposed to, but fortunately, we know EMFs are nothing to be afraid of. 

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