Create a space you’ll love to work in with T.Y. Fine Furniture home office pieces. Now is the time to set up a productive and comfortable work-from-home office. Shop online and have your furniture delivered to your home for free.

Our solid wood office furniture is handcrafted in our workshop in Columbus, Ohio. We only use premium local and sustainably-harvested hardwoods like walnut, cherry, oak, and maple. Aside from our in-house creations, we also carry premium office furniture from brands like Stressless and X-Chair.


TY Fine Furniture

$ 3,219.00

Apollo Solid Wood Desk - Handcrafted in Columbus, Ohio

This solid wood desk is a timeless masterpiece for your home office. Its sleek and modern design makes it a versatile piece, with gold-like brass accents for a minimal touch...

TY Fine Furniture

$ 2,759.00

Enso Desk - Solid Wood Handmade Artisan Furniture

Three cable grommets dot the back of the desk to provide clean and minimal cord passage. Hidden under the desk are cable tie locations for clean wire management.A door flap...

TY Fine Furniture

$ 2,069.00

Enso Solid Wood Sit Stand Desk

Experience the ultimate in productivity and style with our Enso Solid Wood Sit Stand Desk. Designed to elevate your workspace, this desk is crafted with our signature wood finishes and...

TY Fine Furniture

$ 1,799.00

Essentials Solid Wood Bookcase - Handcrafted in Columbus, Ohio

Designed to be functional and durable, the Essentials Bookcase is a minimalist piece made from sturdy solid wood and heavy square tube steel.  Showcase your books, photos, and decor to...


$ 2,195.00

Stressless Consul Office Chair

The Stressless Consul Home Office office chair is designed to fit seamlessly into any home and provides excellent lumbar and head support, combining the best features of Stressless recliners. Whether...


$ 2,895.00

Stressless Mayfair Office Chair

Experience ultimate comfort and mobility with the Stressless Mayfair Home Office chair. Effortlessly glide across your workspace with its sleek wheels, while customizing your seating position to achieve maximum productivity....


$ 2,695.00

Stressless Sunrise Office Chair

The Stressless Sunrise Office Chair provides comfortable cushioning and excellent support, enhancing focus and efficiency while working from home. Whether it’s a dedicated room, a small study space, or a...
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