TY Sleep Tailor-Fit Luxury Beds

Tailor-Fit Luxury Beds

Imagine a mattress perfectly tailored to your body and personal taste
crafted with Natural European components ~ Handmade in the U.S.A.
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The SIMPLEST way to personally fitted comfort and rest.

Respect yourself with essential luxury.

You will love a mattress tailor fit to the specific needs of your body using the absolute healthiest most durable materials available in the industry.. because we can modify it until you do.


Investing in a tailor-fit sleep solution is in our opinion is essential self care. A beautifully crafted artisan bed with a Luxurious tailor fit mattress is your higher self's throne. Its where your body heals, emotions are processed, the subconscious plays, and dreams are born. It can be where we spend the most time with the one we most love... even if that's your dog or cat. It is where it is safe to let go of everything. You create where you find yourself first thing in the morning. Love yourself...Wake up in first class. Schedule your no-pressure educational mattress fitting with our resident self proclaimed mattress/sleep guru and begin your journey to luxurious sleep and next level self care.

If you (like everyone) find mattress shopping painful and confusing…

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Schedule a no pressure personal mattress fitting  

Custom tailor fit mattress organic mattress showroon

Meet our resident self proclaimed sleep & mattress guru

We are proud to announce that Michael Koveleski, the former owner of Design Sleep, is joining our team as our new mattress expert, and will be available for personal mattress fittings in our Clintonville showroom by appointment.
Mike Koveleski former owner of Design Sleep

Michael embarked on a path of creating the world's best mattress after graduating from the industrial design program at Pratt Institute in 1990. His quest for the perfect mattress systems has taken him all over Europe. In last 19 years here in Ohio, he had owned and operated Design Sleep fitting 1000s of people with a tailor fit mattress system. He now joins us we are taking organic sleep to first class level.

Over the last 30 years, Michael has worked with hundreds of wellness professionals, doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and yoga teachers in the passion of helping people achieve better sleep and fully realize their best self. He has gained knowledge and insight that not only comes from the physical application of fitting people to mattresses but also from sitting and listening to why people can't sleep for over 30 years.

We have been friends and respected colleagues with Michael for years and it feels really great to have him join our team.  Book an appointment to learn how you can love your bed. Luxurious sleep is necessary self care. Be good to yourself..... Sleep well. And if you don't sleep well... Schedule a no pressure personal mattress fitting