Caring for Fine Furniture

Your item has been finished with the finest Oil and wax blend we have ever used. Our proprietary blend of pure oils and wax will not only protect your wood surface beautifully, but it is also non-toxic and easy to maintain.

Daily Care

 As with any finish, it is critical that you do not expose this finish to water or excess moisture. Water and moisture will damage wood surfaces regardless of the finish.  Use coasters under glasses and clean up spills quickly with dry cloth. For regular cleaning, simply wipe surfaces clean with a dry cloth. Apply a little rejuvenating oil to the cloth as needed to assist with difficult to clean dirt.

Annual care

 Occasionally you may find that the surface is starting to look excessively dry or dusty.  Buff any rough surfaces with #0000 steel wool, available at all home improvement stores or paint stores. Dust surface thoroughly and make sure all loose dirt has been removed.  Apply rejuvenating oil to the wood surface and rub into wood grain with a clean cloth.


Dings and Scratches

 Dings and some scratches often cause the wood grain of your item to compress. Fortunately these problems can be easily repaired. Simply take a clean cloth and lightly wet a small area on it approximately twice the size of the defect. Carefully apply this cloth the defected area.  Using a clothes iron on its highest heat (with steam function off), lightly press the wet cloth with the iron, making sure to only heat the dinged or scratched surface. Repeat the process of wetting the cloth and applying heat. Your iron should cause steam to rise from the wet cloth. Once the compressed wood seems to have raised adequately, simply buff out the area with #0000 steel wool. If steel wool does not smooth the surface adequately, you can also use 400 grit sandpaper to lightly buff the area.  Once the surface is to a level of acceptable smoothness, simply apply more rejuvenating oil to moisturize the wood grain


Does your item need repair? Either Contact us or Do it Yourself!