Enso and Modern Bed Collection at TY Fine Furniture


TY Fine Furniture showroom exterior

T.Y. Fine Furniture Collection

You can find our lovely showroom at North High Street, Clintonville, a relatively quiet commercial street that sits nearby a park. Inside, you can find our collection of fine furniture, designed by Tarik Yousef and passionate local craftsman. T.Y. Fine Furniture crafts all pieces by hand using traditional joinery and propriety construction methods. Moreover, each piece is completed with a signature, toxic and VOC free wood finish formulated from organic ingredients.


Shaker, Enso, and Sunrise Collection at TY Fine Furniture Modern Coffee Table and Small Wooden Items at TY Fine Furniture


Other Collections

Aside from our T.Y. Fine Furniture, we also carry mattresses, bedding, recliners, couches, sleeper sofas, and other products from reputable brands. We also have artwork and pottery made by local artisans. Our curated collection only features brands that perfectly align with our vision.


Stressless recliners in TY Fine Funiture ShowroomAmerican Leather chairs at TY Fine Furniture showroom


Organic Mattresses

Not only does T.Y. Fine Furniture create exquisite furniture, but we also offer some of the most luxurious mattresses you can find.


Naturepedic makes some of the best Organic Mattresses available. They are proudly made in Chagrin Falls Ohio, ensuring quality and supporting the local community. These mattresses are 100% organic, with no shortcuts or compromises.


Naturepedic Mattresses at TY Fine Furniture


The people behind Naturepedic understand that being the cheapest option isn't always the best, so they focus on providing customers with the greatest value. And to top it all off, every item comes with an impressive 20-year warranty, because they stand behind their products.


Shop Luxury Mattresses


Aside from Naturepedic, we also have our very own line of tailor-fit luxury beds. Crafted with Natural European components and handmade in the USA, each mattress is tailor-fit to your body's unique needs, ensuring optimum support and luxurious sleep. We use the healthiest and most durable materials in the industry, guaranteeing a mattress that will last for years. And the best part? We can modify it until you find your perfect fit.