Standard Wood Options

We typically work with cherry, walnut, maple, and white oak. These are classic choices among furniture makers and artisans – for a reason. They are not only beautiful, but they are also resilient and durable, which are the qualities we look for to create heirloom furniture pieces. Almost every piece of furniture we sell here at T.Y. Fine Furniture comes with the option to choose any of these beautiful hardwood species.


Cherry Wood


Natural cherry wood is uniquely distinctive because its color changes so dramatically over time. Fresh cherry lumber with minimal light exposure may start with a light pink or light golden pink color. As it gets more exposed, the color ripens or darkens.

In the first six months of exposure to light, the color of cherry wood may change from light pink to light pinkish brown or deeper. But it may take years before the color changes into the signature cherry wood color, a gorgeously rich and dark reddish brown.

The grain of natural cherry wood is fine and straight. Because of its alluring natural color and smooth, closed-grain pattern, it remains a popular option among our clients.



Learn more about cherry wood here.



Sample. Apollo Dresser in Cherry Wood with Brass Handles



Walnut Wood


Natural walnut wood comes in a range of beautiful brown colors, from light brown to dark chocolate, with a hint of red, black or yellow tones. One unique thing about walnut is that it naturally develops a lustrous, satin-like finish as it ages, which is succinctly described as patina.

Another distinctive trait of natural walnut wood is its color lightens slightly over time. Rich honey or blonde colors may come through the grains, making the overall color of walnut furniture a bit lighter. On the other hand, other types of wood like cherry and maple go darker as they get older.

Walnut wood is heavy, durable, and straight-grained although the grain may also be irregular.



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Sample. Apollo Desk in Walnut Wood with Brass Handles.



Maple Wood


Natural maple wood has a bright and creamy color, with a hint of brown or reddish brown, while it's still relatively fresh. Over the years though, the color of maple wood may darken and turn into a warm, golden honey color.

The grain of maple wood is usually straight and smooth, but it may also appear rippled, wavy, and curly. Many furniture artisans choose to work with maple. Because of its smooth texture, it can take in stains and other finishes very well.

But we like to keep things real and simple here at T.Y. Fine Furniture. Our maple wood furniture does have that light and creamy color, and it may darken as your piece gets older. Also note that our maple wood comes from Sugar Maple trees.



Learn more about maple wood here.



Sample. Apollo Tall Dresser with Brass Handles in Maple Wood.



Oak Wood

Abundant in Ohio, natural oak wood remains a popular choice of material for furniture. There are many types of oak trees, but the one we mainly use in the shop is white oak wood.

Natural white oak wood has a lighter range of brown colors, from beige to warm brown with golden tones. Like the other types of wood we use, white oak darkens with age but is not as dramatic as the color changes of cherry wood. If anything, white oak wood may have an amber-like color (warm brown with golden tones) color over time.

This type of wood is straight-grained, with an uneven and coarse texture.



Learn more about oak wood here.



Sample. Horizon Platform Bed in White Oak Wood.



Upgrade Wood Options

Sometimes, we come across wood that has a unique grain and pattern, at least compared to what we usually use for our furniture. These may be curly maple, which has a unique “tiger” pattern, birdseye maple, and curly cherry.

These aren’t exactly different types of maple or cherry. They may be from the same species only that the grain and pattern are distinctive. Because they are rare, only a select few of our furniture have them as wood options. Please inquire if you’re interested in these rare options for your furniture.



Curly Maple (tiger pattern) Birdseye Maple Curly Cherry



Wood Upgrade Option

If you have a different wood material in mind for your furniture, such as elm, birch, ambrosia maple, and white ash, please feel free to reach out to us. We offer custom furniture, and we’ll be happy to talk with you and see how we can help.

Just contact us here.


Order Wood Samples

You can order a Wood Sample Kit from T.Y. Fine Furniture. This kit helps give you an idea of what you might expect from our solid wood furniture. But as we use natural wood, it is possible that there is a variation in color, texture, and grain pattern between the wood samples and the actual furniture.

We charge a flat rate for the sample kit. When you are finished with them, simply return them and we will refund the base price of the kit.


Order the Wood Sample Kit here.