The only truly organic and food grade finish ever produced.

We now offer a unique non-toxic, VOC-free furniture finish. “In my two decades as a woodworker, I’ve never used nor seen an oil finish that puts on such an exquisite polish to handmade items!” But then, this master craftsman is unlike any—who pushes himself to extraordinary heights to only design-build the finest furniture; including matchless signature flourishes with his new proprietary oil-wax finish.

Our finish falls into two categories, Furniture Grade, an Oil+Wax blend and Food Grade, a blend of Organic Polymerized Oils.

After months of testing and refining, Tarik’s “signature oil-wax finish”:



Food Grade Wood Finish Organic All Natural

Food-grade Oil is a 100% blend of food-grade certified organic oils. Appropriate for applications on food-related fixtures and accessories, around toddlers and children, and on their toys and furniture Yet,...
$ 12.95


Furniture Grade Wood Finish Organic All Natural

Furniture Grade Oil+Wax is our signature finish that we brought to market in 2012 after culling and perfecting from recipes dating back to the 1800s. A safe, non-toxic finish that’s...
$ 19.99


Furniture Repair Kit

Kit for repairing minor scratches, scuffs, dings that may have occurred during normal use of furniture finished with our Oil and Wax Finish.  Follow directions located here..  
$ 60.00