Restaurant, Business and Hospitality Furniture and Millwork Columbus, Ohio


No matter what growth stage you might find your business in, your interior and exterior Furnishings and Millwork communicate to your customers and employees about your Brand, Process and Workflow. 

The design of your business space directly impacts Morale among employees, Outcomes with Customers and Efficiency in the Workplace. Many businesses, particularly during a renovation or expansion phase will start to look for savings in their interior furnishings with a very short sight on the short and long term impact to their business. 

Fortunately here at TY Fine Furniture we have the perfect solution to your needs. By combining our Wood manufacturing facilities and Master Craftsmen, with our ability to source high quality interior furnishings, we are able to create a Competitive all inclusive package for your next project! Not only will you save time on the design, sourcing and logistics of your project, but by combining all the interior and exterior furnishing and millwork elements into one package, we can offer unbelievable savings across your entire project!



What we provide:

Design: We can pickup where your architect or designer left off, or we can even re-design your existing interior space. Our designers will walk through your space or review your designs and develop several holistically balanced designs to suite several potential price points. 

Sourcing: We can source almost any item for your business space, and at prices far more competitive than any individual business would get on their own! Additionally, we have a sophisticated logistics network that makes the entire process seamless and more cost effective. 

Millwork and Woodwork: We have broad experience in Millwork, Cabinetry, Countertops and.. yes also Furniture. This makes us an ideal partner for you during your project. Our expertise and attention for detail will save your organization for dealing with sub-par workmanship or furnishings common found in many other business spaces. 

Value: By giving you higher quality goods, your business will shine, customers will respond and you will reduce short and long term expenses. 


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