Delivery Shipping Options

When a customer invests in a custom-made furniture piece or organic mattress from T.Y. Fine Furniture, we want to ensure that purchase makes it to its final destination in one pristine piece.

Here’s a look at how our products get from here to there.

Okay, so first, it’s not exactly true to say we will appear at your door to bring your purchases wearing white gloves. But our approach to protecting your new purchase is demonstrated by several investments we have made in how we package and send those valuable items, regardless of whether their destination is down the street or halfway across the globe.

Local Deliveries- Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas

For local deliveries, our level of service supersedes anyone else’s. Our own staff brings your new furniture and mattresses to your home; we don’t subcontract the work to an outside firm. For example, when we deliver a new mattress, we take the time to inspect the existing bedframe not only to ensure it will support the new purchase but also to be certain it is safe and free from defects. New mattresses are assembled, as needed (depending on the type purchased) and we are happy to remove old bedding, so you don’t have to.

Our local customers shouldn’t be surprised if the person delivering their custom-made furniture is the actual craftsman who made it. That means they are well-suited to respond to questions regarding our products, and believe me, it doesn’t take much to get us to talk about what we do!

Outside Central Ohio Shipments

We cater to our out-of-state customers just as much as our local ones. For example, items are boxed in triple-wall cardboard boxes specially designed to protect the wares you purchase. Those shipping boxes also contain as many as four layers of triple wall to protect key spots in the product being shipped. We also shy away from foam and plastic padding as much as possible, protecting everything with recyclable materials such as cardboard-based padding and inflatable air-filled cushions.

Our beds are also designed to come apart, making them easier to move into a home and lessening challenges of shipping. The various bed frame parts are individually packaged so customers can simply bring them into their home, should they opt for optional curbside delivery.

We also enclose extensive directions about the set-up and care of your new purchases. Of course, we are happy to chat with you to answer any questions you might have about how to assemble or care for your product (if that’s necessary).  In other words, we are here for you before, during and even after a sale.

Shipping Options Summary

Curbside: This is the most basic delivery option. The item will be carefully boxed and placed on a pallet. We use very heavy triple wall cardboard boxes on everything. Beds are packed in their respective smaller parts and separated into several boxes for ease of handling. Assembly is very easy and directions are included. Our efforts are designed to make curbside deliveries both economical and easy for the customer. 

Inside Delivery- Basic: This is simply a basic level delivery where the item can be brought into a garage or inside the front door. This is ideal in situations where you anticipate bas weather or perhaps you aren't available to accept the delivery yourself, perhaps a neighbor or family member is there to accept it. 

Inside Delivery-Room of Choice: This is the same as curbside delivery with the exception that the delivery person will take the item into the room you choose to have it delivered to. It is still your responsibility to unpack and assemble as needed. 

White glove delivery: This service level includes full service delivery including all the services above, but also with unpacking and in some cases even furniture assembly. We do not offer this service level in all areas and it must be priced on a case by case basis. Due to Covid-19, we can not guarantee this service or guarantee the level of service available in your city. We encourage customers looking for this level of service to consider hiring a local moving company, handyman, or trusted individual to handle this level of service independently. 


Current Shipping Rates and Lead times

Lead Time:

Currently most orders sill ship in 4-6 weeks, although we always target 4 weeks and under. Shipping takes 5-10 business days for all basic services, typically 5 days is the average. White glove shipping can take up to 4 weeks. 

Shipping Rates:

Our current shipping is FREE on all items. This is subject to change without notice.