Why You Don’t Have to Live in Columbus Ohio to Buy Furniture From T.Y. Fine Furniture

Why You Don’t Have to Live in Columbus Ohio to Buy Furniture From T.Y. Fine Furniture

T.Y. Fine Furniture’s base is in Columbus, Ohio, and we have a healthy local clientele. But we also want customers from outside the state, even the country, to enjoy our heirloom-quality solid wood furniture. This is precisely why we have positioned our business to have an incredible reach – so that clients who don’t live in the area can easily buy furniture from us. 

1. We have an online store

All our original solid wood furniture is available for your perusal at our online store, tyfinefurniture.com. You can easily browse through all furniture pieces by collection or by room. 

Aside from our in-house furniture, we also feature a select collection from other brands such as Stressless, American Leather, and Naturepedic.

2. We can connect virtually

You can reach out any time to ask questions, especially if you’re thinking about customizing furniture. We can set up a design meeting with you virtually, using a platform of your choice, so we can discuss your needs and preferences. 

All of the T.Y. Fine Furniture pieces you see online can be customized – we can easily make adjustments to the size or the material. We also create bespoke furniture pieces that are designed specifically for your home or commercial space. Just email us a photo of your space or furniture design, including the measurements, and we’ll see what we can do and get back to you. 

Here is a link to our contact page: contact (tyfinefurniture.com)

3. We ship outside Ohio

T.Y. Fine Furniture ships items across the United States, including Canada. Although it’s not an available option for all areas, we may also assist you with the assembly of your furniture. 

To better understand our delivery options, you can check this page: Delivery Shipping Options (tyfinefurniture.com).

Feel free to contact us, too, if you have more questions about shipping and delivery. 

4. We keep your items safe with good packaging

We know that many of our customers worry about receiving damaged furniture. This is a valid concern. The whole process of returning and replacing items is really inconvenient, and we want to prevent this from happening. 

Our items come in triple-wall cardboard boxes that are specifically designed to protect your furniture. Those shipping boxes may also contain as many as four layers of triple wall to protect key spots in the product. All boxes are securely strapped to a custom-made wood pallet for extra measure.

We avoid foam and plastic padding as much as possible. Instead, we protect everything with recyclable materials such as cardboard-based padding and inflatable air-filled cushions.  

5. We have easy-to-assemble furniture pieces  

We also know that potential clients hesitate about ordering furniture, especially large ones, because they have to assemble it themselves. If this is one of your concerns, don’t worry because our furniture is easy to assemble. 

When we design furniture, we approach it holistically. We don’t only focus on the style and durability of the piece, but we also prioritize convenience for our clients’ sake. So we ensure that furniture assembly is an easy task for our clients, through good design and simple directions.

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