Amish Furniture

We now offer a variety of furniture sourced from local Amish shops. This furniture is ideal for a furniture buyer that is not quite ready for Heirloom Quality furniture but still wants solid wood furniture and is OK knowing that an item may only last 3-5 years or if the item is intended for lighter use. We work with you to select a style, wood options and stain options just as we would for any of our TY Fine Furniture pieces. Likewise, we also provide our full design service to ensure that you get the higher level of service you deserve. We offer Amish hutches, chairs, dining tables, bunkbeds, bed frames, chairs and more.

A little more about Amish Furniture

Most American consumers have a fondness for Amish made, the term evokes a sense of quality, honesty and integrity. Many Amish made items are indeed stunning in appearance and quality, however this is often the exception over the rule. 

For the most part, most Amish made furniture will be primarily made of hardwoods and of a reasonable quality level. I typically think of it as a notch better than something a large volume manufacturer might make, but several notches below heirloom quality.  The truth is that you get what you pay for, Amish or not.

So is it fine furniture? No not really. Any time a piece of furniture is heavily stained then sprayed with a thick coating, you  really have no idea what is under that heavy stain. Is it softwood or hardwood? Is there a crack that was filled with putty? are the joints tight and clean? It is really impossible to answer any of these questions because the item is obscured by heavy pigments (stains) and plastic top coats (laquers, polyurethanes, ets). Because of this, we do not relabel Amish goods as something they are not and we sell them with original maker marks. Likewise, we do not offer any warranty on these lines.