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T.Y. Fine Furniture was born in a humble basement workshop in Columbus Ohio in 2004 from an incurable passion to create timeless artisan furniture fueled by the joy of woodworking. The desire to furnish homes with beautiful, natural and useful art has been well received and has allowed T.Y. Fine Furniture grow into the business that we are today. With a 20,000sq ft workshop and a 6,000 sq ft furniture gallery our company has become home to a team of 10 extraordinary, fun and creative artisans that we call the TY family.

T.Y. Fine Furniture is a unique company in the fact that it grew entirely from sweat equity and a passionate love for timeless design and quality furniture. Solid Wood construction, traditional joinery and designing with multiple generations in mind are the fundamental tenants at TY. Every piece of furniture we make with care and precision. We hand finish each piece with our exclusive organic oil (designed by TY) and hard wax finish. We have watched fads come and go in the furniture industry for many years, yet our furniture remains the same, honest with clean lines and built for generations.

Our Founder (and fearless leader) Tarik Yousef is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from THE Ohio State University. He comes from a family of scholars and professors who also teach and study at Ohio State. After Graduating from Ohio State, Tarik joined the Honda Engineering Company to develop complex metal forming dies used in the production of Honda's vehicles. The environment at Honda left Tarik longing for a more personable and fulfilling life. Reflecting on the joy of his High School wood shop experience he began building artisan furniture during ALL his free time. It became evident this was his true love and calling. Stepping out in faith he created T.Y. Fine Furniture and he found that many people were tired of mass produced heartless furniture and were falling in love with his artisan authentic designs and quality. He is forever grateful for his following of faithful real furniture enthusiasts who helped fulfill his vision and build T.Y. Fine Furniture. This growth has allowed Tarik to hire like minded artisans as well as providing the opportunity to hire and mentor new artisans.

From our humble beginnings grew a company of passionate creative individuals committed to building and selling furniture of uncompromising quality for the best competitive value in our market today. Our team consists of artists, craftsmen, designers and engineers. We are extremely grateful to have a synergistic team of creative, caring individuals uniquely driven to provide the best possible quality, design, experience and value.

We know the furniture we create a home more beautiful, authentic and useful and will find its way into hearts and memories of families all over. Our gratitude extends to all our fans and friends (customers). Thanks to them and Tarik’s vision we have all found more personable and fulfilling work and consequently lives.


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