Respect for Customers

Our humble beginnings started with little startup funds, while being greeted by a slow economy. However, we learned that our customers are our most important assets. No luck was involved. We began and continued doing what we loved—and worked hard to bring our unique designs to the public. Soon, we found how generous and caring our customers are, even as we care deeply about them. Some of our favorite pieces were created during these startup years. We still maintain good relationships with our early customers and value their repeat business.


Dedication to Quality

Knowing that every item will be cherished for generations instills pride in our fine workmanship, plus an ongoing dedication to improving quality. Our studio began as a one-man operation in a 300-square foot shop. From the start, Tarik Yousef’s goal has always been to design-build the highest quality solid wood furniture. We hand-plane every board, chisel every dovetail joint to perfection and fit every mortise-and-tenon to create the strongest heirloom-quality furniture.


Using Natural Materials

Every item is painstakingly handmade from natural materials. Such as wood boards from naturally fallen trees, and glues that are either water- or milk-based. We are so dedicated to natural materials that we even formulated out own proprietary wood finish which boasts all natural ingredients, non-toxic and made from certified organic ingredients.


Honest Construction

We believe in honest construction by focusing on traditional methods such as hand-cut joinery for a design element. This is clearly evident in every piece. There are no tacked on nails or tricks in cutting corners. We only build what we believe will result in the finest quality furniture.


Green Construction

Furniture makers have a special connection with nature. We appreciate solid wood, twisted and figured grains, rustic hand hewn surfaces and exotic or rare wood species. Regardless of what a furniture maker prefers, it’s that daily appreciation of natural beauty that ties us to nature’s gifts. Before “green” became fashionable we were already practicing green construction. By buying heirloom quality furniture, clients show they, too, value green construction, superior materials and fine craftsmanship.