The T.Y. Fine Furniture Difference!

What makes T.Y. so different?

T.Y. Fine Furniture was founded by Tarik Yousef, a Mechanical Engineer at Honda Engineering that simply saw better ways to make furniture. Frustrated by the low quality found in seemingly high end furniture stores, he decided to start making better furniture that most people could still afford and enjoy. 

The premise of his vision is three fold..

1. NEVER skimp on material quality.

Every item is solid wood, every time. We only order the highest grade materials available, often limiting us to only 1-2 local sawmills. We focus on the way our material was harvested, its sustainability and the integrity of the material. Some sawmills rush the drying process, some stop before it has fully cured, others over process it wiping away all the woods color and texture.

Currently we use several wood grades that are beyond what conventional wood grading can handle. Where most grades max out at "Firsts" with 83% clarity, we are using "Premium Select" 90%+ clarity and then we further grade the material in the shop to get it to 100%. We spend 50% more on our wood, but it shows when you get it home. 

Additionally, we spend hours selecting boards for each item, all in an effort to ensure that the item has consistent wood tone and texture.


2. Build everything using traditional construction and Joinery methods.

Chisels on old world joinery

Although there are a lot of interesting new fasteners and methods out in the world, they all have one thing in common, they have never had to withstand the test of time! Even the furniture makers or manufacturers who use them don't warranty their product for more than 10 years. 

We stand behind our items for your lifetime, because we know it was designed and engineered to last for Generations. All our joinery methods are derivatives of old world joinery that has been around for centuries. 


3. Give Customers excellent styles and Engineer them to perfection. 

From our joinery, to our edge treatments and all the way to our finish, everything we do is subtly different, but worlds better than the competition. Every item is developed for years before being offered in our Collections.

We practice Kaizen continual improvement techniques(from Tarik's Honda Days), 'good enough' isn't in our vocabulary. Every little detail is analyzed and critiqued in our shop and hand in hand with our early adopters. Small design details are constantly improved and refined, on a daily basis. Every tool in our shop has a digital readout, allowing us to work at a precision of 0.001". 


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