Organic Mattresses from Columbus Ohio

What do you look for in a Mattress?

When Shopping for a mattress, most people factor in Price and Comfort, but are you factoring in your Health and Sleep Quality? 

Why Choose Organic?

Better for Health and Sleep

Organic Mattresses are better for your health and proven to provide Superior Sleep Quality!

Organic Products

To ensure the best product integrity, all of our mattresses are 100% Certified Organic, every single part down to the last thread!

Best Quality

Mattresses that are Configured for your EXACT needs
No Nonsense 20 Year Warranty!

Comfort Guarantee

Our most popular mattresses come with 90 day comfort exchanges.  

Comfort layers means EVERYONE wins!

Our most popular mattresses have split layers. Simply unzip and open up your mattress! Now each side can be customized in minutes.

Don't trash that mattress!
Most Couples trash their mattress when one side is no longer right for an individual, now you just buy the right layer for your side!  

Layers of Savings

Layers save you serious money along the ENTIRE life span of the mattress and beyond!

No Compromise

Can't see eye to eye on the mattress? No more arguing or settling for what your spouse wants, each side is custom fit to YOUR NEEDS!

Your Local Sleep Experts

Our Staff is ready...

To help you with all aspects of getting fit properly for the right mattress and to holistically ensure that all your needs are properly met.


Shopping Local...

We take shopping local to the next level. Not only is TY Fine Furniture your neighborhood showroom, but we also stock organic mattresses made here in Ohio!

Visit our Clintonville Showroom at 4555 North High Street,
just minutes from Upper Arlington, Worthington and Dublin.
And don't worry we have plenty of Parking!

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We deliver for Free to Columbus, Clintonville, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Westerville, New Albany and Dublin.

Not on the list? It's ok, if you are out of town we can still deliver or ship to your home for FREE!

Explore our most popular models

Naturepedic EOS

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Savvyrest Serenity

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Naturepedic Chorus

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