Stressless by Ekornes - Comfort for the Ages

Stressless by Ekornes - Comfort for the Ages

Ekornes is a prominent furniture producer in Norway, and they market their products under a few in-house brands, one of which is the globally-known Stressless. 

Stressless is one of the few brands that we carry here in T.Y. Fine Furniture, and we’d love to share with you a few things that we love about this brand:

1. Builds through innovation

Ekornes’ vision is, “We improve everyday living,” which visibly translates to the products they create. Under Stressless, the company designs and manufactures chairs–recliners, home office chairs, dining chairs, and sofas–that provide maximum user comfort. 

Automated production is integral to Ekornes’ process. Innovative technology allows them to flawlessly execute their designs and achieve a high level of quality. The most important parts of Stressless chairs, such as the European beech core and steel rod frame, are actually constructed by robots. 

2. Understands the human body

Stressless chairs seem to understand the human body, and they respond to movement. The recliners, for example, glide effortlessly while providing you optimal support. Even the dining chairs have a built-in recline mechanism that allows you to simply lean back as you relax after having a nice meal. 

These are the very features of Stressless chairs that make them intuitive, especially the recliners:

    • Plus™ System provides you lumbar support as you sit still and even as you shift around the seat through an intricate system of springs
    • Stressless® Glide system allows for adaptive reclining and adjusts as needed according to your weight and shape
    • Comfort-Zones™ foam lets you sit deeply and comfortably, contouring precisely for your optimal comfort
    • Unique swivel base for a full range of movement through a 360-degree rotation 

3. Designs chairs meticulously

Stressless chairs come to fruition through a meticulous design process. Each product goes through the approval of a council. They guarantee that any design that makes its way to market lives up to the Stressless standard of comfort, function, and aesthetics. 

Starting with a pool of 500 design ideas, the council considers 100 to 200 of these for further perusal. Only one to 10 advance to prototype development, after a series of reviews and feedback from the council. Prototype development itself may take up to four years. 

Knowing this may help assure you that any Stressless chair that is being sold in our store is designed for your optimal comfort. 

4. Values the environment

Protecting the environment is a core principle in T.Y. Fine Furniture. So, it is really important to us to carry brands that uphold similar values. We are happy to share that Ekornes also care for the environment. They do this by reusing materials and making sure that nothing goes to waste. 

For example, the excess wood chips from the beech wood are used to produce heat in Ekornes facilities. The scrap leathers are also sold to other companies where they may be used to create other products. Although the company uses leather, they follow the Five Freedoms recommendations on animal welfare set out by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Check out our collection of Stressless by Ekornes recliners, dining chairs, and sofas here:

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