Bed Sizes




When it comes to choosing the perfect bed, the size truly matters. It’s not just about the feel and texture of the mattress or the overall look of the bed frame. But it also entails finding the right size mattress that matches the bed frame to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

So, when choosing the mattress size, consider important factors. Are you an active sleeper? Do you have furry friends or little ones snuggling up with you? Is there a special someone sharing your sleep sanctuary? Do you see yourself moving or renovating your bedroom in the future? Shouldn’t your mattress size follow suit? These are just a handful of the easy questions to ponder when determining the perfect mattress size for you.

The Platform Bed Sizes below is a detailed chart showing space requirements and standard mattress sizes for all our standard bed frames. All dimensions are in inches.


Mattress Mattress Size Sunrise Bed Footprint Enso Bed Footprint Modern Bed Footprint
Twin 38 x 75 44 x 79 43 x 79 43 x 78
Full/ Double 54 x 75 59 x 79 58 x 79 58 x 78
Queen 60 x 80 65 x 84 64 x 84 64 x 83
King 76 x 80 81 x 84 80 x 84 80 x 83
California King 72 x 84 77 x 88 76 x 88 76 x 87


If these sizes do not work in your space for any reason, please contact us directly for details on how we can customize your item for your space.


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Our Standard Bed Sizes

Queen Bed Size


Queen Size Bed Dimension

The Queen bed currently reigns supreme as the most popular mattress size across the United States. Its dimensions comfortably accommodate solo active sleepers, couples, and even those who share their space with pets and toddlers.

A queen mattress fits perfectly to our solid wood bed frames measuring about 64 to 65 by 83 to 84 inches.

  • Solo sleepers have 60 inches wide of sleeping area.
  • Couples have a sleeping space the size of a small single each, which is 30 inches wide.
  • For a Queen bed to fit comfortably, it is recommended that the bedroom be at least 10 feet by 10 feet.


King size bed


King Size Bed Dimension

A King bed offers luxurious comfort for both solo sleepers and couples. Its dimension amply provides space for parents who co-sleep with their children, including those who share their bed with pets. 

A standard king mattress easily fits into our solid wood platform beds with dimensions ranging from 80 to 81 inches wide and 83 to 84 inches in length. 

  • Couples each have a sleeping space the size of a twin bed, which is 38 inches wide.
  • For a King bed to fit comfortably, it is recommended that the bedroom be at least 12 feet by 12 feet.


California king bed


California King Bed Dimensions

A California King bed provides extra length and space for taller people or simply those who prefer a roomier mattress. It's great for those who toss and turn all night or have little ones or furry friends snuggling up in bed with them. 

We have California King solid wood bed frames to perfectly match a Cal-king mattress, with sizes ranging from 76 to 77 inches wide to 87 to 88 inches long. 

  • The California King mattress is 4 inches longer than a standard King-size mattress but also 4 inches narrower.
  • For a California King bed to fit comfortably, it is recommended that the bedroom be at least 12 feet by 12 feet.


Full or double bed


Full Bed Dimensions

A Full bed is also known as a “standard double” and is typically preferred by solo sleepers who like to have space to sprawl out.  It's even cozy enough for couples in a tiny bedroom, but it may not be enough space for couples who want to co-sleep with their kids.

This size matches our solid wood platform bed frames with sizes ranging from 58 inches wide to 78 inches long and above. 

  • Couples have a sleeping space of 27 inches each, which is smaller than a twin bed and a small single.
  • For a Full bed to fit comfortably, the bedroom needs to be not less than 9 feet by 9 feet.


Twin or Twin XL Bed


Twin Bed Dimensions

The Twin bed is the smallest of all standard-size beds. It’s an excellent size for a child who has outgrown the toddler bed or a teen. It’s also a practical choice for solo sleepers who are seeking a comfortable and affordable sleep option that occupies less space than larger beds.

A twin mattress matches our solid wood bed frames with sizes 43 by 78 to 44 by 79 inches. 

  • A regular twin bed is perfect for daybeds, bunk beds, dorm rooms, or a small guest bedroom.
  • A Twin XL has the same width as a regular twin but 5 inches longer.


Bed Sizes graphic representation, comparing Twin to California King