Current Art Showing

"Three Painters from Olde Towne"

Featuring the works of Roger Williams, Simon LaBozetta and J.T. Thompson

Show runs from May 8, 2015 through May 30, 2015

Roger Williams is a postmodern artist turned deconstructionist, which is a national progression from postmodernism. The technique he uses is called “articulated formal.” The famed architect Frank Gehry is well known for his deconstructivist architecture. Rogers’ subject matter is the things and events that define this decade. He is the only deconstructionist in the central Ohio area. Simon LaBozetta works in styles ranging from hyper-realism to the abstract but his current artwork leans toward a unique genre which has been dubbed “Cubist Expressionism.” This is an evolving combination of two movements, the careful use of color, movement and a nearly mathematical sensibility to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. J.T. Thompson presents a new series of artworks he calls Geometric Surrealism. This style explores the use of multiple sources of light and an aid in creating spatial depth in abstract compositions. Light reflecting off of multiple geometric planes guides the viewer’s eye, and gives shape to what might otherwise be a chaotic mass of line and color.


                                                 Simon LaBozetta                                                                       J.T.   Thompson                                                                                  Roger J.  Williams

Merion Village Music Series 2015, Winter Series

The Merion Village Music Series hearkens back to the era when chamber music events were held in residential homes and in the palaces of royalty.  Our mission is to provide the highest caliber performers available cast in a relaxed, friendly environment where one may enjoy a drink, food, friends and entertainment.  The series is sponsored by T.Y. Fine Furniture and hosted in the T.Y. Fine Furniture showroom, located at 106 East Moler Street, Columbus OH 43207.

Due to this events popularity and the mission of creating an intimate listening environment, we are limiting the number of seats to 50, available on a first come first served basis. 

Click HERE to buy tickets in Advance.