Post-Purchase Information

Thank you for choosing T.Y. Fine Furniture. As you wait for your piece to arrive, please refer to this guide to learn about furniture care, including what to expect and prepare after placing an order with us. 

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Caring for Fine Furniture

Rest easy knowing that your furniture has been finished with the finest oil and wax blend we have ever used. Our exclusive formula not only enhances the beauty of your wood surfaces but also provides long-lasting protection.


This said, you need to care for your furniture regularly to keep it in its best shape. We highly recommend you continue using our Propriety Wood Balm and All-Natural Oil Blend Wood Finish to maintain the beautiful patina of natural wood as well as prolong its protection. They are non-toxic and VOC free, making them safe for you and your family whenever you reapply at home. 

As a general rule, avoid exposing your furniture to water or excess moisture. It can damage wood surfaces, regardless of the type of finish. 

To maintain the timeless quality of your piece, we recommend:
  • Wiping the piece regularly with a microfiber cloth
  • Applying our propriety wood balm or oil every few months to maintain natural sheen
  • Using coasters and placemats for hot or cold dishware
  • Avoiding heavily dyed fabric when cleaning to prevent color transfer
  • Wiping spills immediately with a dry clean cloth
  • Avoiding the use of harsh cleaners on the furniture

Aside from our Wood Balm and Finish, we also have a Furniture Repair to help you take care of scratches and dings. 

Please check these pages to learn more about furniture care:


Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the condition of your furniture. A simple wipe-down on a weekly basis can help keep your furniture in good shape.

Learn more.


Over time, furniture may develop dings, scratches, or chips. But our oil and wax finish, along with our Furniture Repair Kit, is designed to make furniture repairs easy. 

Learn more.



What to Expect After Placing an Order


  1. Receive an order confirmation email.
  2. Receive another email once the item is shipped. 

Customization Request for Collection Items

  1. Receive a confirmation email regarding your customization requests, which you may share with us within the day after placing your order. You may do this through:
    • Note as you place your order online
    • Email sent to
    • Message sent via our Contact Us page
    • Phone call at (614) 230-2477
    • Or, in-person request for in-store purchases
  2. Receive another email once the item is shipped. 

Custom Furniture Order

  1. Receive an email confirming your custom furniture order.
  2. Get an email regarding customization requests.
  3. Receive an invoice on the final cost of your order.
  4. Get an email once the item is shipped or ready for installation. 
For fully customized pieces, our team will work closely with you.
  • The process entails:
    • A design meeting for in-depth planning 
    • A confirmation phase where you receive copies of the design 
    • Finalization of the design prior to construction, with an estimated completion date
  • The time spent on constructing your order depends on the design.
  • Track your order here. (insert link)

For more details regarding custom orders, visit the Custom Furniture page. To track your custom order, go to the Order Tracking page.


What to Expect on Shipping

Time. All items in our collection are made-to-order and shipped within 30 days after the order is placed. Fully customized furniture may take longer. Out-of-state shipping may take up to two weeks, depending on location. 

Get an email. Once your order is shipped, we’ll send you an email, so you’ll know that your order is on its way to you. For local, in-person delivery, we’ll call and set a schedule. 

Local Delivery. Our own team brings your new furniture and mattresses to your home. We don’t subcontract the work to an outside firm. We ensure your furniture and mattresses are safe and protected, as well as take time to inspect and help you with assembly.

Packaging. We do not ship your furniture pre-assembled. All items are designed to be lightly disassembled for shipping. Furniture comes in parts, which are packaged in triple-wall cardboard boxes designed specifically to give your order maximum protection. We also protect everything with recyclable materials such as cardboard-based padding and inflatable air-filled cushions. 

Packaging Weight. Our target for each box is a maximum weight of 75 lbs. Every individual box is sized to go through the smallest elevator and around the tightest corners.

Out-of-State Shipping. Items are packaged in triple-wall cardboard boxes designed specifically to protect the goods you purchase. Those shipping boxes may also have up to four layers of triple wall to protect critical areas of the product being shipped. Light assembly to be expected, and if assistance is needed, please contact us.

    Read more about Delivery and Shipping here. 


    What to Prepare for Delivery

    1. Ensure that your space is ready to set up the furniture.
      • Clear out your space.
      • Make sure it is clean and free of debris and sharp objects.
    2. For outside Central Ohio and out-of-state delivery, you may need to prepare a copy of your order confirmation.
    3. Make time to receive and assemble your furniture order. 

    We enclose extensive directions about the set-up and care of your new purchases. All items are designed to be disassembled for shipping. This means that there is some light assembly involved with most items.

    Our average bed frame takes 30-45 minutes to assemble. Furniture items with more parts, such as the buffet and dresser, may take an hour or more to assemble. 

    Feel free to contact us for more assistance