Why a Customizable Pillow?

It’s how to create your perfect, personalized sleeping comfort.

Why? Consider the infinite combinations of shape, angle, weight and mass in heads, necks and shoulders that come into play when people lie down to sleep. Individuals prefer different mattress surfaces, too, which affect how a pillow performs and how comfortable it feels. And factor in any pain problems--such as sore shoulders, pinched neck nerves, arthritis or fibromyalgia.

What else? We sleep in many different positions, moving and changing during the night. And most of us use bed pillows in multiple ways—for sleeping, sure, but also for reading and relaxing and propping.

More Fun Than a Pillow Fight

For every individual sleeper, all these elements combine in unique ways—so we like to offer customizable pillow comfort. Here’s how it works.

All Savvy Rest loose-fill pillows come intentionally overstuffed, so you can adjust the fill volume to the height, firmness, or plumpness you find most comfortable. (And it’s reversible, if you find you need a different kind of comfort later on.) It’s simple—just four easy steps:

  • Unzip and remove the outer casing.
  • Hold your pillow carefully over a bag to avoid spilling loose fill.
  • Open the inner casing’s corner zipper, and remove handfuls of fill into the bag until you’ve found the perfect height and firmness. Experiment—you can always re-add fill.
  • Rezip the inner casing, then replace and close the outer casing.

Waste Not, Want Not

You can save the leftover fill in an air-tight bag for later reuse or repurpose it for a decor pillow project! All our loose-fill materials are organic and will eventually biodegrade.

That’s how to enjoy a customized Savvy Rest pillow, for the sleep you’ve been dreaming of….

This article was brought to you by SavvyRest, more information is available at www.savvyrest.comWritten by Laura, July 5, 2014 - 1:42pm