Modern Entertainment Console - Solid Wood Modern Furniture

TY Fine Furniture
  • Description

    The Modern Entertainment Console is a handcrafted piece made from natural solid wood. It has clean lines and a modern style, making it suitable for any living space, whether it has a traditional or contemporary design.

    This beautiful piece is constructed with mortise and tenon, including drawer boxes. The drawers slide smoothly on Italian slides with a touch-to-open mechanism for a modern look and function.

    It offers sufficient storage space for your things in the living room. Depending on the configuration you choose, it features cable holes so you can safely tuck away the wires from your TV and sound system. Shown in photos as a modern media console, this is actually a versatile piece of furniture that can also serve as a Credenza or Buffet. 

    As an Entertainment Console, this item ships with a center column of Open Adjustable shelving and additional adjustable shelving behind the doors. All sections additionally have ventilation and wire management openings.

    Configuration Options

    • Vinyl Storage

    This configuration removes the Ventilation and Cable management options for a cleaner simpler look and feel. Additionally, the horizontal shelving is replaced in favor of vertical dividers to help protect your vinyl for storage. Each section has 2 vertical dividers, leading to 3 storage compartments per section, a total of 9 storage sections per unit.

    • Audio-Visual

    This system, (as shown) has our unique integrated cable management and ventilation in all storage compartments. We have designed our system so that cables can run from compartment to compartment, or also above the unit to your wall-mount TV or unit-top devices. Our cable management system prevents the need for grommets on the top surface, leaving a nice clean solid wood surface for your enjoyment.

    • Multi-Media

    This system is designed for media storage in the center compartment and electronic devices behind the doors. in this scenario, the middle compartment will not have ventilation built in. However, it will have cable management so you can run cables from either left or right cabinets to each other or up to your TV or unit top devices.


    Standard Size: 72 wide x 18 deep x 24 tall size.

    Glad to customize to your needs, simply contact us and we will gladly assist you!

    About the Mid-Century Modern Collection

    The Mid-Century Modern Collection is a stylish representation of nostalgic design and comfort. It is meticulously crafted using our unique construction methods, making these pieces truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, they provide the opportunity for quality heirloom collecting that can be cherished and appreciated for generations to come.

    Our collection pieces are not only sturdy, but they also boast an elegant balance. From platform beds to side tables and coffee tables, each piece is meticulously crafted to meet our GREEN Standards for Eco-Friendly construction. We finish them off with our signature organic wood finishes, formulated from non-toxic, all-natural ingredients with zero VOC emissions.

  • Wood And Finish Options

    We believe believe that wood should never be stained. Every item that we meticulously handcraft is made using 100% solid wood, in the species of wood that you select.

    A Walnut item will be Solid Walnut Wood, not muddy walnut colored chemical pigments applied over a cheaper material.

    Our Primary finish is our Proprietary Organic Blend of natural Oils and Waxes. We do not add any chemicals, thinners, pigments or metallic driers to our finish. In fact, our finish is actually made using 100% food grade ingredients!

    On heavy use items, such as dining tables, we use a hard coating finish that has zero-VOC content and is certified for food contact.

    You may at any point speak with us to select a different finish or to ask questions and get answers.

  • Shipping

    We know buying furniture from TY Fine Furniture is a long term investment and that our customers want their items on time and in perfect condition.

    We want the best experience for all our customers. Because of this, we have developed a shipping process that results in consistently excellent results.

    Currently, all items are designed to be lightly disassembled for shipping. This means that there is some light assembly involved with most items. Most items it means attaching the legs, on beds its a little more complex, but still very simple.

    By lightly disassembling every item, it also means that you can easily and quickly move the individually boxed parts into your room with ease, our target for each box is a maximum weight of 75 lbs. Every individual box is sized to go through smallest elevator and around tightest corners.

    Our average bed frame takes 30-45 minutes to assemble, our customers are always elated about how easy it is, and how sturdy and durable the resulting furniture becomes.

$ 3,797.00
100% Solid Wood
Handmade in Columbus, Ohio
Made to order- Ships in as little as 4 weeks!
Organic Zero-VOC Finish
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Shipped in as
little as 4 weeks!