Sunrise Classic Platform Bed - Solid Wood Bed Frame

Platform Bed
TY Fine Furniture
  • Description

    The Sunrise Classic Platform Bed is the result of combining traditional and modern bed frames. It has a nostalgic design that reminds us of vintage beds. But this solid wood frame also has the compact look of a modern bed frame. Its subtle curves and clean lines, which add to its contemporary flair, are inspired by Japanese architecture.

    A wooden platform bed frame of this caliber is truly one of a kind. It’s versatile enough for any sleeping space, may it be a rustic or contemporary bedroom.

    This piece is made from natural hardwood harvested in Ohio’s managed forests. Plus, it’s finished with our propriety organic finish, produced from all-natural ingredients with zero VOC emissions. This makes the Sunrise Classic Platform Bed and the rest of T.Y. Furniture’s handcrafted pieces a good organic furniture option.

    Sleek and minimalist, with subtle curves, this solid wood frame is easily customizable to suit your specific needs.

    • The nature of solid wood makes each piece unique, varying tones from texture to grain.
    • This solid wood frame comes with wooden slats.
    • This item includes a slat set in place of a box spring. Simply add a mattress and luxurious bedding.
    • Shown in Queen Size and Cherry Wood


      * 8.5 inches tall platform
      * 36 inches tall headboard
      * Bed Frame Footprint for Standard Bed Sizes
      • Full Bed, 56 x 79 inches
      • Queen Bed, 64 x 84
      • King Bed Frame, 80 x 84
      • California King, 76 x 89


      This platform bed is built to accommodate all mattress types. From all latex to coil and even memory foam, this frame will protect your mattress and is perfectly suited for all products. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us. We use 16 solid wood 3" slats spaces 2” apart. Every wooden slat is bolted in place for added strength. Full, Queen, and King beds also get a center support rail with two center legs. If you have not purchased a mattress yet, contact us about our Organic Mattress lines; you will be glad you did!

      Wood Options

      We never stain our wood. It is all 100% natural solid wood in cherry, walnut, oak, and maple. Each wood option is the actual wood species your item will be built using. This gives you a prettier wood grain and a better quality piece of furniture. 


      Every piece is meticulously and sumptuously finished with our signature finishes formulated from non-toxic, all-natural ingredients with zero VOC emissions. This makes our pieces a great option for those looking for organic furniture. 

      Bed Sizes

      All Sunrise Beds Have an 8.5” (inches) Tall Platform and a 36" tall headboard. This bed frame is designed to accommodate mattresses that are 12-15” thick. If your mattress is thicker or thinner than this, we can customize a frame to fit your needs at no added cost. These Platform beds are intended to be used without a box spring. Please contact us if you plan to use a box spring.

      Size Mattress Size  Footprint
      Full 55x75 56 x 79
      Queen 60 x 80 64 x 84
      King 76 x 80 80 x 84
      Cal King 72x84 76 x 89
    • Wood And Finish Options

      We believe believe that wood should never be stained. Every item that we meticulously handcraft is made using 100% solid wood, in the species of wood that you select.

      A Walnut item will be Solid Walnut Wood, not muddy walnut colored chemical pigments applied over a cheaper material.

      Our Primary finish is our Proprietary Organic Blend of natural Oils and Waxes. We do not add any chemicals, thinners, pigments or metallic driers to our finish. In fact, our finish is actually made using 100% food grade ingredients!

      On heavy use items, such as dining tables, we use a hard coating finish that has zero-VOC content and is certified for food contact.

      You may at any point speak with us to select a different finish or to ask questions and get answers.

    • Shipping

      We know buying furniture from TY Fine Furniture is a long term investment and that our customers want their items on time and in perfect condition.

      We want the best experience for all our customers. Because of this, we have developed a shipping process that results in consistently excellent results.

      Currently, all items are designed to be lightly disassembled for shipping. This means that there is some light assembly involved with most items. Most items it means attaching the legs, on beds its a little more complex, but still very simple.

      By lightly disassembling every item, it also means that you can easily and quickly move the individually boxed parts into your room with ease, our target for each box is a maximum weight of 75 lbs. Every individual box is sized to go through smallest elevator and around tightest corners.

      Our average bed frame takes 30-45 minutes to assemble, our customers are always elated about how easy it is, and how sturdy and durable the resulting furniture becomes.

    $ 2,127.00
    100% Solid Wood
    Handmade in Columbus, Ohio
    Made to order- Ships in as little as 4 weeks!
    Organic Zero-VOC Finish
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    Shipped in as
    little as 4 weeks!
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