Natural Versus Organic: What’s the Difference?

We work very hard to build furniture that is made only using natural fallen Ohio timber which we then coat with our own in-house, food-grade, Organic finish.  None of our furniture contains VOC’s and, honestly, you could eat our finish if you really, really wanted to.  This dedication to providing our customers with only safe, non-toxic and ORGANIC products extends to the selection of organic mattresses that we carry.  We’ve noticed that many of our customers come to us confused as to some of the terminology they encounter when researching a new mattress purchase.  The biggest offender is organic versus natural.  Put simply, organic mattresses are certified as such by reputable third party organizations while something labeled as “natural” may or may not contain harmful chemicals.  To be certified as organic our mattresses have been tracked from the fields that the cotton was grow to the plantations where the latex was made to the sheep from which the wool is sheered.  The manufacturer keeps documented information on file pertaining to dates and inspections that back up the claim that the mattress is organic.   So, when you see phrases like “all natural” or “chemically safe” just remember that without a reputable organization certifying the mattress as organic you could be buying a mattress filled with harmful chemicals.  Remember, Uranium ore is “all natural” but I wouldn’t want it in my mattress!


Our mattresses are certified by GOTS and all of the following:



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