Organic Mattresses: What to Look For

  Pictured is the Naturepedic EOS Organic Mattress   I ran across this article and it has such incredible information I decided to make it today's post.  This is an interview conducted by the folks at  In this profile, Naturepedic co-founder Barry Cik explains the difference between...

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Practical Tips to Childproof Furniture

    If you’re a parent, you’ll want to know important features to childproof your furniture. Consumer Reports (March 25, 2011) states 13,000 people (mostly kids) are hurt every year from furniture tipping over them. Tragically, about nine children (mostly under five) are killed each year from tipping...

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A Cosleeping mattress

    Cosleeping, or sharing a bed with a baby, is a popular but difficult choice for many families. Parents care tremendously about their child’s safety, and also about the baby’s psychological comfort and development. While to some, a crib in a separate room seems like a cold...

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