Naturally Fallen Timber in T.Y. Fine Furniture Collections and Ease of Assembly

Messinger Hutch In my previous blog, I explained why naturally sourced lumber is imperative for quality furniture. This adds to the timeless elegance of handmade furniture aging gracefully over time—to result in a rich patina. In the old days, they said it took three generations to make furniture....

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What Factors Drive Dresser Costs?

I frequently speak with customers who ask why dressers tend to cost much more than a platform bed. It is a smaller item, right? It seems to be fairly simple, right?  Well, the answer in short is that a dresser is in fact smaller, but it is many...

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T.Y. Fine Furniture Versus Amish Made

Act I, Scene 1.  A man is in a wood-shop using a traditional hand tool on a piece of naturally fallen Ohio cherry.  He is wearing a hand-made leather wood-workers apron and sweat drips from his brow as he works with a draw-knife to hand cut the main...

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How T.Y. Fine Furniture Sources Lumber

Tarik Yousef Fine Furniture clients purchase our collection items plus commission custom pieces because they know we use only the finest American woods. In this blog I’ll explain how we source lumber. Every piece is from “blown-down” trees—mainly from southeast Ohio and to a lesser extent, West Virginia....

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