Naturally Fallen Timber in T.Y. Fine Furniture Collections and Ease of Assembly

Messinger Hutch

In my previous blog, I explained why naturally sourced lumber is imperative for quality furniture. This adds to the timeless elegance of handmade furniture aging gracefully over time—to result in a rich patina.

In the old days, they said it took three generations to make furniture. For the first to grow the trees; the second to harvest, hand cut and air dry the wood; and the third to make it.  We believe that the furniture we build should last at least as long as it took the tree to grow.

Now, with specialization at work, we’re able to source quality American woods from family farms to build functional furniture for clients that are easy to assemble.

For instance, S. Thompson wrote, “We loved, loved, LOVED it all! The assembly was super easy. I didn’t have an extra set of hands. It was just me and it was easily accomplished! No complaints, no nothing but praise!” This woman assembled a king bed on her own.

 She continued, “I was even thinking about seeing if you do custom orders to have a narrow bookshelf or something to accompany the Enso style.” BTW, we have four collections—Enso, Sunrise, Modern and Cantilever.  While not all of our pieces require assembly, those that do are a breeze!

 Amazing, isn’t it, how a few quality furniture pieces can subtly satisfy our aesthetic and functional needs on a daily basis?

 by Tarik Yousef

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