The Natural Mattress Bait and Switch.

Here at T.Y. Fine Furniture, we meet a lot of people from all walks of life with widely varying buying experiences.  A common issue, particularly in the mattress industry is the proliferation of Bait and Switch tactics. The most common issue we see is a manufacturer making specific claims, but not representing those claims in the actual product. This is most commonly embodied in the use of organic or all natural products in a small percent of the product and then deceivingly making the customer believe the entire product reflects the qualities of that one material. For instance, using a certified organic outer fabric on a mattress, and claiming the entire mattress is Organic when in fact it is far from.

Many manufacturers are in fact now putting a thin layer of latex into a mattress coupled with memory foam, polyurethane foam, and polyester batting and then claiming the entire product is organic or somehow all natural simply because less than 10% of it is latex. Clearly, adding a small amount of natural or even organic material to a mattress will not magically take the Flame Retardants out of memory foam or polyurethane foam. Likewise, using organic fabric but not organic interior components not only provides no added value to a product or consumer, it is a wasteful use of resources. As a consumer you would have to wonder why you would ever want to buy from a manufacturer who goes so far to deceive their customers as to waste perfectly good organic materials by mixing them with materials that are clearly documented as toxic and bad for your personal health and well being. 

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