Guide on How to Buy the Perfect Mattress

Guide on How to Buy the Perfect Mattress

A good night's sleep is critical for your health. Your mattress will have a huge impact on how well you sleep, so choose wisely. Your mattress is a significant investment, but one that you will use nearly every night for several years and that will have an impact on every aspect of your life. So, if it's the right mattress for you, even the most expensive design will be a great investment. However, because there are so many options to consider, selecting a mattress can be a difficult undertaking. Our shopping guide will assist you in making the best decision possible.


Mattress Construction

It's critical to comprehend the many varieties of mattresses on the market. There are only five fundamental types of mattresses, despite the fact that there are many to pick from. Once you understand their distinctions, you'll be well on your way to selecting the ideal answer!

1. Pocket Spring Mattresses

This style of mattress is more expensive than an open spring mattress, but it will last longer. The springs move individually because they are sewed into discrete cloth pockets. This reduces the likelihood of you being disturbed by your partner's movements or rolling towards them. The independent springs also ensure that no portion of your body is subjected to excessive pressure. Pocket spring mattresses come in three different firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. They are not as warm as memory foam models and are therefore an excellent alternative if you get hot at night.

2. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are topped with a temperature-sensitive layer of viscoelastic material. The contour of the mattress adapts to your body shape, and this type of mattress might help you stay warm at night. Some people dislike the sinking sensation that these types provide, but they are perfect for people who need support due to a bad back because the memory foam keeps your posture and aligns your spine. 

3. Latex Mattresses

Pocket sprung, memory foam, and open coil mattresses are more widespread than latex mattresses. Latex foam is used to fill these mattresses, as the name implies, and it is a highly breathable substance, making it a good choice if you tend to overheat. The material is extremely resilient, holds its shape, and is perfect for people who have asthma or allergies.

4. Hybrid Mattresses

You want the best of both worlds. To reduce pressure, combination mattresses combine pocket springs with memory foam, gel, or latex. Pocket springs give support and independent movement, while the pressure-relieving substance provides additional comfort. The disadvantage is that these mattresses can be costly, but you are unlikely to regret your purchase. 

5. Continuous Coil and Open Coil Mattresses 

These are the most affordable mattresses, and they consist of a single piece of metal twisted into a continuous line of springs. Because the springs move in lockstep, you are more likely to be bothered by your partner's movements than with other mattress types. While these mattresses are less expensive in the short term, they might not last as long as other models and so may not save you money in the long run. They are, nevertheless, light and simple to turn over. Open coil mattresses don't provide much support and are therefore best used in guest rooms or children's rooms, where they will be replaced frequently.


Mattress Firmness

After deciding what style of mattress will best fit your needs, the following step is to select the appropriate firmness level. Your ideal mattress will be determined by your sleeping position, height, weight, and personal preferences.


A softer mattress may be preferable for you if you sleep on your side or shift positions frequently during the night. This is because the way you sleep naturally relieves pressure on your spine, thus a mattress that conforms to your body's natural position is essential.

Medium Soft

If you move about a lot during the night, this firmness is perfect since the mattress will mold to your shape while still providing a little more support than a softer style.

Medium Firm

If you sleep on your back or front, a medium-firm mattress is a good choice. If you weigh more over 95kg or have back discomfort, this firmness level is also appropriate.


If you sleep on your stomach, weigh more than 95 kg, or have back discomfort, a firm mattress will be ideal. Because you won't sink when sleeping, the mattress will keep your back in a stable position. 


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