Handmade Dresser, Where to Find It?

Handmade Dresser, Where to Find It?

A locally-made, superior-quality handmade dresser is quite rare these days. Even if you find one online, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a real handcrafted piece. And, let’s be honest, we sometimes consider the cheaper, more convenient stuff, don’t we?

But authentic artisan furniture is a solid investment. And you don’t need to look far to buy one. Your local craftsmen offer the good stuff—like the handmade furniture collection we offer here at T.Y. Fine Furniture.

If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, check out our boutique home store in Clintonville or explore our website for genuine handmade dressers and other solid wood pieces. 

Handmade Dresser in Ohio

T.Y. Fine Furniture is your one-stop boutique for handmade dressers and other stunning wood furniture pieces. Visit our Clintonville showroom and let our expert team guide you to the dresser of your dreams, each one designed for timeless beauty and created with unparalleled quality.

Features of Our Handmade Dresser

Crafted with expert precision and traditional construction methods, our handmade dressers are the ultimate gift of timeless elegance to be cherished by generations to come. Our dresser designs are minimal and practical, boasting spacious drawers to provide you with ample storage space.

These are the features that set our dressers apart, making them worth every penny:

  • 100% Solid Wood. Our handmade dressers are crafted with 100% natural solid wood sourced locally from managed forests in Ohio. We don’t use particle boards and other low-quality materials.
  • Individually Unique. Each plank of natural wood boasts a unique texture that sets it apart from the rest. So, each dresser has a beautiful natural wood grain, making it distinct from the others.
  • Traditional Joinery. We use traditional joinery like mortise and tenon for a sturdy construction. No shortcuts here — we steer clear of flimsy screws that won’t work the best with natural solid wood, to begin with.
  • Organic Finish. Our handmade dressers have a beautiful patina, enhanced by a propriety signature finish. It’s made from food-grade Certified Organic oils and natural waxes — zero-VOC content, no metallic driers. 

American Made Dresser Collection

Experience the beauty and functionality of our wooden dressers, crafted from natural solid and built with traditional joinery.

Our handmade dressers feature a soft close mechanism that prevents slamming and reduces noise. Plus, the self-close slide ensures that even if you forget to push a drawer all the way in, it will glide smoothly and quietly to a close.

They are primarily designed for bedroom storage, but they are versatile and stylish enough to adorn other areas in your home as multifunctional storage pieces. 

Clean and Sleek Dresser from the Apollo Collection

By its very essence, the dresser from the Apollo Collection is simple and elegant, with beautiful brass handles for that modern but stylishly timeless touch. 

Zen-inspired Dresser from the Enso Collection

The Enso dresser features sculpted surfaces on its drawer pull and beaded edges along the drawer bottoms and paneled sides, suggesting an elevated formal aesthetic.

Stylish Dresser from the Sunrise Collection

The dresser from the Sunrise Collection features round, slightly leaning legs and subtle curves reminiscent of a traditional Japanese gate in Shinto shrines called torii. It’s also our most recent design. 

Modern Dresser from the Modern Collection

Our Mid-Century Modern dresser is a contemporary take on a classic design—featuring clean lines, a function over-form aesthetic, and the quintessential mid-mod tapered legs.

The wooden dressers are customizable and made to order. We also create 100% bespoke pieces for commercial purposes. Contact our experts to learn more about your custom options.



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