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New and Fun Things to Do This Winter

Winter can often feel like a time to hibernate and stay indoors, but why let the cold weather keep you from having fun and doing something fulfilling?

Finding enjoyable winter activities is important, especially when the holiday spirit starts to fade. Although it's still early and Christmas hasn't arrived, it could be helpful to start considering a few activities to brighten your winter.

You have many options to embrace the winter season, whether you enjoy the snow or prefer to stay warm inside. Here are some fun but low-key ideas to try out.

Go on a winter picnic.

And you can do it at home if it's too cold to go on a day trip. 

Create a comfortable fort in the living room with your family. While it may seem childish, it is a fun activity that the kids will enjoy. 

Layer comfy blankets on the floor and add fairy lights for that warm glow. Pack a picnic basket with thermoses of hot chocolate or coffee, savory snacks like cheese and crackers, and sweet treats like cookies and cupcakes. Don't forget cozy socks and fluffy pillows to make the setup extra snuggly. 

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Visit an indoor food market.

The holiday season is a time of enjoying traditional dishes that you and your loved ones prepare. When the leftovers are all done for, why not explore other exciting flavors? The sky's practically the limit, so nurture your sense of adventure. And a place to start, indoor markets if your area happens to have one, of course. 

Indoor markets provide a lively getaway where you can explore seasonal specialties like root vegetables while also supporting local farmers and shop owners. The welcoming ambiance encourages community spirit, making it a perfect spot for socializing and enjoying live musical performances.

Explore local shops.

Exploring local shops in winter is like stepping into a cozy haven from the chill outside. And it's a good activity to indulge your sense of adventure while still keeping yourself safe and warm. 

Local shops are where you find unique treasures and enjoy personalized experiences. They often offer curated winter-themed goods, from warm scarves and locally roasted coffee to festive decor and handmade crafts. The atmosphere is usually warm and welcoming, with friendly owners happy to share stories about their products and the community.

And if you happen to be visiting Columbus, Ohio for winter, make sure to drop by at T.Y. Fine Furniture. 

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Check out local coffee shops.

You may want to consider exploring locally owned coffee shops rather than chain cafes. If you already have a local go-to place, it might be worth checking out other options beyond your usual route. It's a pretty low-key but fun winter activity to try this season.

If you're in Columbus, Ohio, here are some coffee shops that you might want to check out:

  • Stauf's Coffee, there's one in Grandview and one in German Village, which by the way is a nice area to explore while you're in town
  • Mission Coffee on South High Street, where you can also buy their signature coffee blends so you can enjoy it at home
  • Pistacia Vera is a pastry kitchen based in Columbus, Ohio. They have locations in German Village and North Market and specialize in pastries, breakfast, lunch, and coffee.

Pick up a new book.

For those seeking a winter activity that can be enjoyed indoors, reading is a classic option that can transport you on an adventure. A book or two might be just what you need to enjoy the winter months. 

There are many ways to start a literary adventure - borrowing from a friend, reading on a Kindle, or finding a book at the library. And why not make it memorable? Have a cup of coffee from a cafe you haven't tried before then enjoy the pages for hours. 

Volunteer in your community.

Embrace the winter chill with a heartwarming endeavor - volunteer in your community. It's a fantastic way to stay warm, spread cheer, and make a positive impact. 

Soup kitchens and food pantries

During the winter season, many organizations in your community depend on volunteers to assist in the preparation and distribution of meals to individuals in need. Just search on Facebook or Google and you're likely to find an organization nearby that needs your help. 

Animal shelters

During the winter months, animals require additional care, and shelters often appreciate volunteers who can assist with tasks such as walking, feeding, and playing with the animals.

Senior centers and assisted living facilities

Spending time with isolated seniors can be a fulfilling experience, and winter is a suitable time to bring some holiday cheer to these facilities. You can assist with holiday decorating, engage in games, or engage in casual conversation and listening.

Make plans for spring and summer.

A strategy to cope with the challenges of winter is to engage in activities that divert our attention, such as making plans for the upcoming season.

What are the things you're looking forward to doing in spring? What do you want to do in the summer? Simple prompts like this can help you create a list of activities or let your imagination soar and fully describe your dreamy escapades.

Spend a bit of time outdoors.

Venturing outside in winter is important for both physical and mental well-being. Sunlight exposure, even in winter, triggers the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that improves mood. This can help combat winter blues and leave you feeling more energized and optimistic. A walk in the woods or a snowy hike on an easy trail may inspire new ideas and fresh perspectives.


Winter often gets a bad reputation for being cold and dreary, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the winter months and make the most out of this cozy season. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer or prefer indoor activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy during winter.

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