5 Reasons Why Custom-Made Furniture Is the Superior Option

5 Reasons Why Custom-Made Furniture Is the Superior Option

Furniture, in its essence, are the elements that make a house into the place you call home.  Something like tables and chairs, although very functional, they contribute considerably to the comfort of your family and guests. The fundamental purpose of furniture is to facilitate human activities such as sleeping, eating, and sitting, yet it has evolved into your sense of self, your comfort, your identity and style. 

You've probably been to a furniture store and noticed how many other people's homes include comparable designs. Occasionally, you may spend thousands of dollars on furniture just to discover the identical table set at a friend's house. When you purchase custom-made furniture, you can put those anxieties to rest. Your home's furnishings should represent your personality and way of life. While you may desire to be distinctive, you do not need to pay thousands more to get great custom furniture. Custom made furniture will cost slightly more than off-the-shelf pieces, but it’s generally negligible when you look at all the benefits to function, style and quality. It's well worth the investment if you're shopping for furniture for your very first home. Alternatively, if you're in the market for an upgrade or wish to remodel, selecting a one-of-a-kind piece from TY Fine Furniture can transform your room into a paradise. There are numerous reasons why many individuals prefer custom-made furniture.

1. Accurately Match The Color And Size

Custom-made furniture can integrate a variety of materials and patterns to fit your specifications and desires. This is mostly because you are not limited to the three selections available at the furniture store. Only your imagination can serve as a hindrance. The nicest part about bespoke furniture is that you can have it made to precisely fit your space's dimensions and color scheme. Additionally, with custom furniture, you might match it to your home's architecture, trim work and design elements. It's not always easy to find showroom furniture that matches your home's unique colors and finishes. 

2. Ensures Optimal Form, Fit and Function

The three most common reasons individuals opt for custom-made furniture are form, fit and function.  You may discover that you have an odd-shaped piece of furniture that does not appear to fit anywhere in your home. You may desire a one-of-a-kind component to showcase your valuables; you might have a wall unit customized to fit a specific nook. Driving all over town for several weekends just to ultimately make a compromise isn’t ideal. With TY FIne Furniture, you can simply have furniture custom constructed to your style and needs. TY Fine Furniture provides peace of mind because we build more custom made furniture than any other shop in the state, our unique experience, equipment and talented staff make the process easy and affordable. 

3. Superior Quality

When you order custom-made furniture, our craftsmen attend to every detail, from start to finish. We design it according to your exact specifications, and then give you the opportunity to review and revise before construction begins. The quality is always superior to what you get in most showrooms because every item is Solid Wood and we exclusively use traditional time tested joinery and construction methods. We devote careful attention to all custom furniture, guaranteeing that the final product meets all size and specification requirements, while also being built to our heirloom quality standards. 

4. Can Be Coordinated With Your Existing Furniture

Are you attempting to match the charming vintage furniture that your great-aunt left you? Perhaps Dad gave you his old armchair and you'd like to have a wood side table made to match it. Regardless, if you're looking to match vintage, discontinued, or inherited furniture, custom furniture is an excellent option to compliment or match your interior design and accessories. With our custom furniture, you can mix and match styles, trends, colors, accent pieces, and even wood finishes, and you'll soon have the furniture you want without having to give up your favorite pieces.

5. Custom Furniture Makes Your Home Unique             

When you visit a showroom, for example, you'll commonly find a sofa that's only available in maybe  two or three distinct colors, severely restricting your options. However, with custom-made furniture, you can select from a wide variety of textiles. You have a plethora of options and designs. When you order custom-made furniture, you can let your imagination go wild. Utilize it to create furniture that reflects your wants, goals, and dreams.

Finally, if you want to design the entire space for a more cohesive aesthetic, or if you want to create unique furnishings whenever you replace the furniture in your home. You can create whatever you want and experience with the many styles, selecting the one that best meets your preferences and needs. Along with obtaining the designs you like, you also support local businesses; purchasing locally manufactured products helps to stimulate the local economy

Consider booking an appointment at TY Fine Furniture if you want to improve the look of your bedroom, living room, or dining room with a new piece of custom furniture.                      

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