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Enso Desk Solid Wood Modern Contemporary Style Handmade Artisan Furniture

$ 2,399.00

Brand TY Fine Furniture

The desk top features matching Walnut wire grommets in 3 evenly spaced loactions to provide plenty of room for clean and minimal cord passage from above to below the desk surface. This design does not simply stop at wire grommets in the desk top but takes cord management to the next level by incorporating wire tie points along the entire underside perimeter of the desk. These tie points allow the user to simply use 'zip ties' or velcro straps to secure bluky tranformers, power bars and excess wiring.

The keyboard tray is designed to consume a minimum of space, allowing the most possible legroom and the most comfortable possibly working height. This desk has 25" of leg room and a 30" tall desk top without sacrificing function or strength.

The desk top is 30" x 60" with a total desk height of 30"

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