Walnut Inlay Pedestal Table
4555 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43214
Tues-Sat 11am -6pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
4555 North High St, Tues-Sat 11am-6pm

Custom Walnut Inlayed Pedestal Table

$ 4,950.00

Brand TY Fine Furniture

The extraordinary proportion and balanced style is second only to the exceptional cuts of Walnut and Maple used to build this table. Solid Walnut boards were harvested from a naturally fallen tree dated to over 100 years of age. The large slab old growth lumber give this piece added depth and inimitable appearance. The entire table top is composed of only three pieces of walnut, giving the beautiful wood a stronger voice. Hand cut Maple inlay lines the table aprons while small Maple details are gently used to add depth to the elegant design.

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