Furniture Grade Wood Finish Organic All Natural
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Furniture Grade Wood Finish Organic All Natural

$ 19.99

Brand TY Fine Furniture

Furniture Grade Oil+Wax is our signature finish that we brought to market in 2012 after culling and perfecting from recipes dating back to the 1800s. A safe, non-toxic finish that’s free of VOCs and metallic driers, our natural finish seeps deeply into every pore of the wood’s natural grain beauty, resulting in a lustrous satin sheen. It’s perfected from food-grade oils and unbleached waxes such as beeswax. Oil+Wax buffs out scratches with extra layers of wax protection for furniture, doors and window sills.

Yet, this natural finish is hardly new. Innovating from recipes originating in the 1800s, Tarik Yousef has meticulously researched and tested these oils using cutting edge methods drawn from modern chemistry

After months of testing and refining, Tarik’s “signature oil-wax finish”:

  • Is perfected from food grade Certified Organic oils and natural Waxes.
  • While solid at room temperature, morphs into a thin liquid at boiling point—to polymerize nicely into a protective and elegant finish. -When applied as a liquid, seeps deeply into wood pores—even as it solidifies and satisfies the wood grain with a sensuous satin sheen.
  • Does an amazing job of refinishing scratched furniture. (Parents of toddlers can start heaving sighs of relief!)
  • Has a superb grain-filling property for a smooth and alluring finish.
  • Highlights wood’s natural beauty, naturally, with a non-toxic finish to furniture and all woodwork such as window sills.
  • Has zero-VOC content, no metallic driers (many oils have these hidden in them), no thinners or solvents; even the beeswax is 100% naturally unbleached.  

Due to current demand, Please allow 2-3 weeks for this product to ship. 

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