7 Interior Design Styles to Fit Your Personality

7 Interior Design Styles to Fit Your Personality

Whether conscious of it or not, our choices reflect our personalities and the kind of life we live. It is seen in the clothes we wear, the movies we watch, and even how we style our living spaces. Our interior design style, after all, is also a form of self-expression.

You can always transform your house into a home that showcases your flare. Here are seven interior styles for your personality.

1. Rustic Barn Style Interior Design

For people who are modest and organized, and love vintage and traditional elements, nature, and art, the rustic barn style is an interior design idea that resonates with them. This interior design style features natural elements like reclaimed wood, making living spaces more inviting, thus, capturing their warm personality.

Incorporating modern touches like adding metallic pieces and sleek fixtures elevates the barn style interior design. For a more homey vibe that evokes comfort, woven furniture like a coffee table made of reclaimed wood is a good addition to your space. 

2. Coastal Design Style

The coastal design emanates a light, airy, and open feel to any space, evoking a sense of fun and peace like when you are in a house by the beach. One of the coastal interior's key elements is lighting; hence, bringing in as much natural light or ensuring that the space is well-lit is crucial. Moreover, neutral colors and blue and green hues define the coastal style, as this color palette reminds people of the sun, sea, and sand. 

The coastal design style is a great choice for those who want their living space to reflect their zest for traveling and their laid-back, carefree personality. Light and breezy curtains invite natural light while furniture made of rattan, bamboo, or wood will give your space an earthy, tropical vibe.

3. Bohemian Design Style

Anyone with an eclectic quirky personality would gravitate toward a bohemian-themed space. Mostly attributable to artists and travelers, the Bohemian interior design style is bursting with life and culture with its “more is more” design philosophy. In terms of color palette, the Bohemian design style employs warm earth tones with a pop of metallic and jewel hues. Vintage pieces typically adorn bohemian living spaces.

Make sure to visit your local vintage shops (or websites) to scour for unique and comfortable pieces. Although the Bohemian interior design style can be festive, it also gives an inviting vibe. Hence, relaxed and comfortable furniture like chaise lounge chairs and daybeds are a perfect addition to your space. Throw pillows in a fiery orange or deep purple, Turkish carpet, and lots of fringe and macramé complete the aesthetic. 

4. Minimalist Design Style

For people who are highly organized, the minimalist interior design style is their design of choice. Contrary to the Bohemian interior design philosophy, the minimalist design style emphasizes “less is more” in its design aesthetic. Minimalism focuses on functionality; hence, minimalist living space is stripped of excessive ornamentation and only has room for essentials. 

Every piece of furniture in a minimalist space is functional and preferably, efficient. If minimalism is a design aesthetic you would want for your room or home, opt for pieces that can serve more than one function while saving up space, particularly furniture with integrated storage. While most minimalist rooms are monochromatic, adding a pop of color for accent can spice up your space. 

5. Scandinavian Design Style

Beauty, simplicity, and functionality are three buzzwords that capture the Scandinavian interior design style, making it an interior design style preference for those who are outgoing, elegant, chic, yet very practical. Living spaces that are inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic boast green hues and earth tones against immaculate white walls to maximize light. Scandinavian design style also plays around natural textures like wood and brick and features functional and elegant furniture.

Remember to keep things light and airy, if you want to achieve the Scandinavian design style in your living space, by using lighter shades of white. Maximize the use of windows in bringing in natural light by minimizing window coverings. Play with different textures, particularly wood for furnishing and finishing to add an element of warmth. As a final touch, do not be afraid to add a little bit of art or converting a corner into a dedicated gallery wall.

6. Mid-Century Design Style

Mid-century interior design style is an ideal interior aesthetic for anyone who prefers functionality and timeliness. This style features clean modern aesthetic and bold color usage. Furnishings are typically straightforward and are made out of wood, metal, or vinyl, giving furniture a unique, hip and trendy classic look.

Mid-century interior design style’s charm comes from the marriage of classic warmth and elegance of traditional styles and the clean, straightforward aesthetic of modern design styles. In decorating your living space, function is king so make sure to adorn your room with functional and sturdy furniture. Strike a balance between color, texture, and material and allow key pieces, especially vintage ones to take centerstage.

7. California Cool Design Style

A lot of the interior design styles we mentioned earlier seem combine “the best of both worlds” by incorporating key design elements from two different interior styles. The California Cool Design Style, however, merges the design elements of four interior design styles: the Coastal aesthetics' rustic feels, the Bohemian’s eclectic nature, the Scandinavian’s airy minimalism, and the Mid-Century Modern’s vintage vibe. Classic furniture is the stand out against a room painted in subdued colors and presence of a variety of textures.

The Cali Cool Design Style is a perfect choice for creatives who do not want to be limited by a singular design aesthetic, a style that celebrates, freedom, quirkiness, and imperfection. The key here, however, is in control and restrain: how much of one design aesthetic should be showcased in my living space? California Cool also highlights a good story by incorporating unique vintage pieces. You can also throw travel keepsakes like trinkets into the mix.

Interior design is a matter of personal style and preference. If you are looking for an inspiration to spice up your space to reflect your personality, you may take note of these interior design styles. There are also other styles that you might want to explore to match your lifestyle and personality.

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