Bedroom Furniture in Columbus, Ohio

Bedroom Furniture in Columbus, Ohio

T.Y. Fine Furniture offers a great selection of bedroom furniture in Columbus, Ohio. From bed frames to dressers, we have all of the basic pieces you need to furnish your bedroom, and they come in different styles. We guarantee that our furniture is heirloom quality, beautiful and durable pieces made with top-grade material and crafted by human touch. 

T.Y. Fine Furniture’s Bedroom Furniture by Collection

We create some of the finest solid wood furniture in the United States. Our reach has spread throughout the country, but our business took root here in Columbus. We still keep everything local – we sustainably source our lumber here and of course, our woodshop and showroom are also here. This is why if you’re looking for Ohio-made bedroom furniture, do stop by our shop and check out our collection. 

All of our handmade furniture utilizes dado, dovetail, mortise, and tenon joinery, as well as our own proprietary, food-grade, organic wood finish. In addition, all of the wood we use in our furniture comes from responsibly managed forests in Ohio, and we support sustainability by donating to American Forests. We do not use wood sourced from rainforests and other areas that are under threat.

We are happy to share with you some of our signature designs, which are among the finest bedroom furniture in Columbus, Ohio:

Enso Collection


The Enso Collection is defined by subtle, refined shapes, some of which are purposely designed to be virtually imperceptible to the viewer.  An example is the slight curve on the Enso Bed headboard, which the viewer can perceive on an almost subliminal level.  The legs on the Enso line also taper upwards, creating a sense of solidity and strength. 

True to the Zen-Enso philosophy of minimalism, elegance, and purity, we call the design characteristics in the Enso line, restrained design. Our Enso line presents generous overhangs that draw the eye while the clean, simple lines do not distract from the natural wood figuring.  

Enso Collection: Minimalist and Elegant Furniture


Modern Collection


Our Modern Collection comes in mid-century design, a stylish rendition of the beloved nostalgic design and comfort. As with our other collection, it’s made with our unique heirloom-quality construction.

This collection is primarily comprised of bedroom furniture, and its flagship product is the Modern Platform Bed series. 

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture


Apollo Collection


Our Apollo Collection features solid brass accents and pulls with a minimalist sensibility. The design is fairly modern, with mid-century influences. By its very essence, the Apollo Collection is simple and elegant. The Apollo furniture is fairly easy to style, which is why we think it's our most versatile collection yet. 

The collection comes with every basic piece of furniture you might need in your bedroom, too. There is a bed frame in two variations, including side tables, dressers, and a desk. 

Apollo Collection: Elegance in Simplicity


While all our products are available online, again, we’re more than happy to show you around our shop in Columbus, Ohio. You can also easily browse all of our bedroom furniture collection here:

T.Y. Fine Furniture Collections

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