T.Y. Fine Furniture: Enso Collection

Our furniture collections reflect the versatile and eclectic tastes of master woodworker, Tarik Yousef. Modern Mid-Century, Japanese Edo period, Mission/Shaker influences and original contemporary are all hallmarks of his approach to furniture design.

“In Zen Buddhism, an ensō (円相, , "circle" ) is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). It is characterized by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetic.”

The TYFF Enso Collection is defined by subtle, refined shapes, some of which are purposely designed to be virtually imperceptible to the viewer.  An example is the slight curve on the Enso Bed headboard which the viewer perceives on an almost subliminal level.  Or the legs on the Enso line which taper upwards creating a sense of solidity and strength. True to the Zen, Enso philosophy of minimalism, elegance and purity we call the design characteristics in the Enso line “Restrained Design.” Our Enso line also presents generous overhangs that draw the eye while the clean, simple lines do not distract from the natural wood figuring.  

Other stylistic elements were inspired by the Japanese, Edo  period (1603-1868). The city of Edo was repeatedly struck by fires, leading to the development of a simplified architecture that allowed for easy rebuilding. However, this type of construction did not allow for excess ornamentation or other unnecessary stylistic elements.  The focus was on high quality construction with attention to architectural clarity. An interesting side note is that Frank Lloyd Wright had a fascination with the Edo period and its influence can be seen in his work.

As with all of our furniture, the Enso line is built using only naturally fallen, Ohio timber which is then polished and completed with our own organic Wood Finish.


By Wes Miller

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