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10 Furniture Gems to Maximize Your Space

Thinking about maximizing space helps you live efficiently. This is important, even in a fairly large home. It's all about creating a home that best addresses your daily needs—and your choice of furniture plays a significant role.

If you're seeking to optimize space, consider these furniture options. While they may not be cutting-edge designs, these pieces are practical, adaptable, and ideal for maximizing storage and flexibility in your home.

Dresser instead of a console table in the entryway

Dressers have drawers for storage, ideal for keeping items like shoes, gloves, and scarves out of sight, but organized, and easily accessible. If you worry about the size, don't worry because dressers generally come in a wide range of sizes. You can find tall, narrow dressers perfect for smaller entryways, or wider dressers with multiple drawers for maximum storage capacity.

Console tables may be stylish and sleek, but they fall short in the storage department. With just a tabletop or a small drawer for belongings, the space underneath goes mostly unused. What little space they offer can become dumping grounds for odds and ends, which can be unsightly and not too great a scene upon entering the home.

Armoire, another entryway piece

Armoires are essentially tall, deep cabinets, that offer plenty of space for storage, especially for the everyday clutter that accumulates in the entryway. You can store several things in an armoire: coats, hats, scarves, shoes (especially boots), bags, umbrellas, and even bulkier seasonal items like winter gear.

Unlike console tables or open shelving, armoires have doors to keep everything hidden away, creating a more polished and clutter-free first impression as you enter your home.

Ottoman instead of a chaise sectional

A separate ottoman allows you to move it wherever you need it. Need a footrest? Pull it closer. Extra seating for guests? Slide it to the side. It is a very adaptable and multi-functional piece. Sometimes, they come with extra storage and even double as a coffee table. 

In contrast, a chaise sectional limits where and how you can position the chaise and restricts how the sofa is arranged in the room. It's simply a fixed unit that's less flexible to changing needs.

Armchair instead of a chaise sectional 

One of the reasons a chaise sectional is popular is that it provides a seat to lounge in and prop up your feet. An armchair plus an ottoman provides the same functionality but is easier to move around when you need to make more space in your living room.

While an upholstered armchair is not entirely a space-saving item, it does provide flexibility, allowing you to maximize floor space. You can tuck it into a corner for reading, place it near a window to enjoy the view, and simply move it however you wish to suit your needs. On the other hand, a chaise sectional is a fixed unit with limited layout options.

Extendable dining table instead of a large one

An extendable table offers versatility by providing a smaller footprint when not in use and the option to expand when needed. Meanwhile, a large, fixed table takes up a lot of space and can be impractical for everyday use.

Check out the Strata Extendable Dining Table, which folds out (and can be stored away) in less than 30 seconds. 

Custom coffee table with pet area

AI generated image of a coffee table with cat area
AI-generated image of a coffee table with a pet area, via Canva.

A custom coffee table with a pet area can be a stylish and functional solution for pet owners. 

Picture this: a beautiful wooden table with a compartment built into the base. This little hideaway is just the perfect size for your cat or small dog to snuggle up in. With a comfy cushion, it can be very cozy, and you can even add a little wooden screen to give your little friend some privacy.

Your pet gets their little den while you enjoy a clutter-free tabletop for all your essentials.

Bed frame with integrated side tables

Nelson Platform Bed in White Oak

Bed frames with integrated side tables eliminate the need for separate bedside tables, which can be bulky and eat up valuable floor space in a bedroom. This creates a more open feel and frees room for other items. 

Platform bed with integrated storage

Bed frames with integrated storage are a practical choice for compact bedrooms, as they provide a convenient storage solution, allowing for a more spacious feel in the area.

But why a platform bed? The structural design of platform beds eliminates the need for a bulky box spring. They create a visually airier feel, making the room seem larger. Meanwhile, the storage underneath is perfect for tucking away seasonal clothes, bed sheets, and towels. This can help free up space in your closet.

Bench instead of a coffee table

Benches are narrow, creating more walking space in the living room. They may not take up much less square footage than coffee tables, but they have a sleek and compact appearance that doesn't overwhelm the area visually. Plus, they can double up in function as additional seating when needed. Just the perfect piece of furniture for small spaces, especially narrow ones.

Check out the Enso Solid Wood Bench, a very versatile piece that suits the living room just as much as the bedroom or dining room. 

TV console instead of wall mount

TV consoles provide much-needed storage space for media equipment, like cable boxes, gaming consoles, or movie collections. Wall mounts offer no storage solutions, so you'll need additional shelving or cabinets to house these items. Plus, they can help conceal the mess of wires that come with most entertainment setups. While you can use wire management systems with wall mounts, achieving a clean, clutter-free look is generally easier with a console.


Finding the perfect furniture pieces for your home can be a challenge, especially when dealing with limited space. Overall, the furniture items we listed aren't exactly very inventive but they are very functional, provide storage, and offer a flexible footprint that allows you to arrange furniture based on your needs.


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