How to Choose Furniture for Smaller Spaces

How to Choose Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Small spaces are more challenging to work with because you obviously don’t have the luxury of space. But you can certainly make it functional and beautiful, and one way to do this is to choose the best furniture for your space. Here are a couple of tips that might help:

1. Use furniture as you see fit

There’s no harm in using furniture differently from how it’s being marketed. If you want to have a dining chair as an office chair, that’s totally fine. What matters is you’re comfortable and that the furniture serves you well.

Here’s an example. Credenzas and buffets are originally dining room pieces. But they can definitely work as TV stands or all-in-one bookshelf and cupboard storage in the living room. Some tiny house owners even use them as cabinets for the loft.

2. Avoid bulky pieces

Bulky furniture, like the “classic” sofas with thick arms and inflated cushions, eats up space. So, look for light, trim, and sleek pieces—think of Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired furniture. They’re uncomplicated and functional, and although minimalist, they look elegant with those clean and modern lines.

Furniture with exposed legs also helps expand your space, at least visually. You can see the floor continuously, making the room seem more open and breezy even when it’s fully furnished.

3. Keep a few folding chairs

You don’t have to occupy your limited floor space with furniture you don’t really need daily. Keep your furniture at a minimum, just the basic things you need to make your space functional. But having a few extra folding chairs (perhaps a small table or two) that you can easily tuck away in a corner will certainly come in handy whenever you have guests over. Stackable stools and nesting tables are great options if you don’t like folding chairs and tables. 

4. Opt for multi-purpose items

Find furniture that offers more than one function. For example, it’s not always possible to dedicate an area for a guest room, but you can convert your living room into an extra sleeping space. Go for a comfy sleeper sofa or a chair bed instead of a regular couch. If you need a workspace but don’t have enough room for it, get one of those multi-functional tables. Some models can expand from a side table to a decent work desk and even a full-size dining table.

Another thing, there are few storage options in small houses. That’s why it’s important to find furniture that features storage compartments—like bed frames with under-bed storage, ottomans with concealed compartments, or sectionals with storage under the seats.

5. Consider round furniture

Round tables are friendlier for small spaces. Since they have a smaller surface area, they take up less floor space than their rectangular counterparts. They’re easier to squeeze in awkward corners. Plus, round or oval tables provide better flow in tight spaces because walking around them is easier.

Top 5 Furniture Picks

Furniture for smaller spaces doesn’t have to be elaborate transforming pieces, like murphy beds that also turn into desks. It can be very basic; what matters is how you maximize it for your space. For example, that simple console at your entryway can just as easily serve as your office table. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to give you a headstart. These pieces are very simple but can do wonders in smaller spaces.

1. Platform Couch

A platform couch is a compact seating option for a small living room. The frame is usually made of wood and often paired with compact, detachable cushions. Depending on the design, some space could extend from the platform’s sides. You can use this area as you would a side table.

2. Chair Bed

A chair bed is typically smaller than a sofa bed and usually just large enough to sleep one person. Perhaps that’s all you need, especially if you already own a decent couch. It’s compact and stylish enough to serve as an accent chair but offers a space-saving overnight hosting solution. 

American Leather’s Sulley Comfort Sleeper is a very good example. With its striking metal legs and thin track arms, this piece makes the perfect multifunctional (but stylish)l piece in your living room. It’s shown in the photo as a three-seater sofa, but it’s also available in “cot” size, which is smaller than a standard loveseat and transforms into a comfortable twin-size bed.  

3. Extendable Dining Table

Extendable dining tables are great space savers. You can add more dining space without having to bring out another table, which, if we’re really honest about it, is a bit of a hassle. Plus, stowing away an extra table may not be the best thing to do if your home is small.

T.Y. Fine Furniture has an extendable dining table, and it’s great for limited spaces. Our Strata extension table is made of 100 percent solid wood and features a clean and contemporary look. Because of its timeless and elegant design, it can easily match any home aesthetic.

But what’s amazing about this table is the integrated butterfly leaf, which folds out effortlessly, allowing the table to expand in under 30 seconds.

4. Storage Beds

Our beds usually have a lot of space underneath, so why not use them? It’s the perfect place to hide items you don’t need to use daily, like extra bedding or winter clothes.

Bed frames with integrated storage are more convenient and make your space more organized. Having them is better than just storing your things in boxes and baskets and then stowing them under the bed.

T.Y. Fine Furniture also has a platform bed with built-in storage. But if you have specific storage needs or another design for the drawers, just let us know, and we’ll customize the unit for you.

5. Storage Ottomans

Ottomans with storage are simple yet highly effective storage solutions. They’re very versatile–they provide additional seating, work as side tables or coffee tables, and hide away the clutter.

If you’re looking for a coffee table and ottoman storage combo, we have this piece from Stressless®. This ottoman extends from 47 inches wide to 60.5 inches for extra entertaining space, yet with a small footprint for everyday use. 

Custom Furniture

If you really can’t find the right kind of furniture for your space, then maybe it’s time to consider custom furniture. This way, you don’t have to worry about furniture not fitting into your space because they’re made to address your specific needs. While they may take longer to build, you might still end up saving your energy, time, and money.

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