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Enso Dining Collection: Classic Meets Inspired for Timeless Appeal

As you step into a dining room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the pièce de résistance—a stunning, wooden dining table. Bare and exhibiting all her natural glory, from unique wood grain patterns to soft and satin-like patina.

Upon first glance, you can immediately tell that the elegant surface and sturdy legs have proudly carried feasts and good memories through the years. Surrounding her are equally lovely dining chairs, simple but also beautifully timeless.

This is the very scene we want to evoke with our Enso Dining Collection. As such, we meticulously designed furniture pieces that naturally attract the eyes and silently convey strength and exceptional quality. 

As the first-ever T.Y. Fine Furniture Collection, Enso is close to the heart and remains among our bestselling pieces.

Building From the Classic

When thinking of classic dining furniture, you may imagine Shaker-style and farmhouse dining tables, accompanied by bow-back wooden chairs or benches. Heavy, handcrafted furniture made of natural wood from species that may be less common these days.

They are the real deal, and you may see such pieces from your grandparents' house or at an estate auction but hardly any from large furniture retailers these days. When you hear someone say, "They don't make them like this anymore," you immediately think of these pieces of furniture and know that it's true. 

With this main train of thought, we can simplify the main concepts that form the foundation of the Enso Collection and the rest of our furniture creations:

High-quality, handmade furniture that lasts for generations.

Enso dining set with solid wood slabs at the back


When we say that the Enso dining tables and chairs are a classic, we mean that they are built on traditional principles—honest pieces built for long-lasting strength.

The Enso Dining Collection, similar to Shaker furniture, was crafted with careful consideration of form and proportion. These pieces bear a clean and minimalist design that attracts you to the natural beauty of the material, without distraction from ornate details. At the same time, they seamlessly serve their purpose with their straightforward, functional design. 

Of course, they are made from natural solid wood, strong and sturdy and unbelievably ageless. Each part is put together using propriety joinery methods that lock pieces of wood together in ways that can't be replicated, with the same durability, by simple screws and nails.

To maintain the rustic charm and classic appeal of natural wood, we only use our very own unique, non-toxic, VOC-free furniture finish.

Adding a Touch of Inspiration

The Enso Collection is different from the others like Essentials or Strata wherein the inspiration is quite distinctive. One quick glance and you can see how the designs from these collections are inspired by Mid-Century Modern design.

Enso solid wood dinette and dining chair


Enso, on the other hand, has a more traditional form but is strangely contemporary at the same time. 

For example, the Enso Dining Table appears to be a classic design at first glance. But if you look closely, you may be able to spot some subtle Japanese architectural inspiration—the way the legs are heavy at the bottoms and subtly taper upwards, the gentle curves of the box apron, and the small style detail attached on the legs and the roof of the tabletop.

In fact, Enso is inspired by Japanese woodworking philosophy, wherein “Enso” is the symbol of strength, elegance, and enlightenment. Since we source 25 percent of our hand tools from Japan, it seems appropriate that our very first design line pays tribute to this centuries-old philosophy.

A Versatile Dining Room Furniture

As a product of classic and contemporary furniture design, our Enso Dining Furniture is both timeless and versatile. Its clean and simple design allows it to blend in any space, and for this same reason, it also remains ageless. Whether you want a Scandinavian-inspired space or one that has the rustic charm of a farmhouse, the Enso pieces can fit right in. 

Enso solid dining table and chairs at TY Fine Furniture showroom

You have two choices for the Enso Dining Table. First is the customary rectangular dining table that comes in three sizes, seating around four to eight people. The round dinette comes in two sizes, seating four to six people, the perfect size and shape for a breakfast table. The chair, meanwhile, only comes in one design, and the seat is carved to mimic the body contour, providing ample, long-lasting support. 

Aside from the basic dining room furniture, the Enso Collection also includes a buffet for dining room storage, a bar stool for kitchen counters, and a bench, which can also serve as a dining seat. 

The pieces from the Enso Collection, as with any furniture we create, are handmade and can be customized upon request.


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