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7 Must-Have Furniture Pieces for a Stylish Home

Want to create a stylish and well-designed home? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! With so many furniture options out there, it can be overwhelming. But fear not. We’re here to help!

Whether you're moving into a new space or updating your current one, furniture is key. It sets the style and atmosphere of your home. The right pieces can take your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out these seven tips on furniture selection to transform your space!

1. Elevate your living room with a statement sofa.

The sofa is what makes the living room truly alive. Aside from being the most functional furniture in that space, it’s also likely that it’s the anchor—that main piece that ties everything in a room.

When choosing a sofa, comfort is important. But why not also pick out a piece of furniture that makes a statement? Deep greens and berry reds are all the rage right now. Think emerald, teal, Viva Magenta from Pantone, and Raspberry Blush from Benjamin Moore. These bold colors might inspire you to choose a sofa that really stands out.

You can find a wide range of color choices for sofa upholstery with American Leather. Feel free to visit our showroom to view the samples. 

Modern coffee table

2. Get a sleek side table to go with your coffee table.

When it comes to living room furniture, side tables aren’t exactly the pièce de résistance. But they can “complete” the look of the room, especially if you have extra space.

One way to approach auxiliary tables is to choose pieces that complement the more functional pieces of furniture, like the sofa and coffee table. You could go for classic end tables or minimalist side tables, depending on your preferred style. 

3. Set up a cozy nook with a recliner and an ottoman.

Transform your space into a stylish sanctuary with a recliner and matching ottoman. While not essential, the luxurious can add a touch of elegance and comfort to any room. Create your own cozy nook, a private little corner where you can unwind peacefully while still remaining connected to the rest of your space.

If you’re eyeing luxury mid-century furniture, we have a selection of recliners that you might want to check out, like the American Leather PILEUS Comfort Air Chair or the Stressless® Admiral recliner with a cross base. The IMG Space 5400 is also a great choice, as it is reminiscent of one of the most iconic mid-century pieces.

4. Upgrade your space with a chic and versatile bench.

A sleek, minimalist bench is a multipurpose piece that can amp up the style of your space. You can place it at the end of your bed, use it in your living room for extra seating, or even replace your entryway console with this stylish piece and have a comfortable seat.

One of our standout pieces is a solid wood bench from our Enso collection. It features an elegant design with a gentle curve along the seat and intricate hand-cut dovetail joinery, which showcases high-quality craftsmanship.

5. Place your TV on a mid-century piece.

A full entertainment space, especially with a modern design complete with backlights, floating shelves, and a console, is indeed chic and stylish. But let’s face it: not everyone has the luxury of dedicating an entire side of a wall for this setup. Especially if you’re working with a smaller space, practicality becomes key.

A stylish approach to setting up the TV is simply putting it on a media console or credenza that also serves as storage. If you want to rearrange your space, you can just move the console and TV. There’s no need to unmount anything from the wall, which is super convenient. 

Our entertainment console from the Modern Collection is a stylish rendition of mid-century modern furniture. It’s made from natural solid wood and has lines and tapered legs, which are reminiscent of the pieces from that period.

6. Indulge in a statement piece for a bed frame. 

Of course, your bed has to be comfortable, and that’s the key thing to look for when shopping for beds. But as your bedroom’s centerpiece, you can definitely go bolder with an elegant, eye-catching bed frame. 

Our four-post bed from the Shaker Collection is one stunning piece. You can use it with a canopy to complete the classic look or without one for a subtle, modern touch. The Sunrise Platform Bed is another great option. It’s a simple, timeless piece featuring beautiful, subtle curves. 

7. Having a sleek and modern dining table is the way to go.

A simple yet elegant dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture for any stylish home. It’s like the heart of the home, a place where you enjoy warm meals and celebrate life with your loved ones. 

You need a sturdy dining table made from solid wood so that it withstands the wear and tear of time. Our dining table from the Enso Collection certainly fits the bill. It’s built using traditional joinery for utmost durability and features a contemporary design, making it blend into any home style. 


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