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Home Decor Items That You Can Thrift

Thrifting is becoming more popular these days. Not only is it a sustainable choice, but it’s also a fun way to score some unique home decor items for a fraction of retail prices.

Now, when you visit thrift shops and antique stores (or go to yard sales, even estate sales), you’ll find that there’s a plethora of decor to choose from. The number of choices can be overwhelming. Instead of grabbing random pieces here and there, keep an eye out for the “essential” decor you can easily display in your space.

In this post, we’ll showcase some of the best home decor items that you can thrift.


If you want to make your space more elegant and sophisticated, candlesticks can do the trick. You certainly don’t need to buy them brand new because you’ll likely find them at thrift shops and antique stores.

Old brass candlesticks can easily be cleaned up with a brass polish. Or, you can repaint them to give them a new look, like these Upcycled Candlesticks with Chalk Paint by Simply 2 Moms.


Vintage suitcase with photo frames and papers

Vintage suitcases are not only are they cool and chic, but they also provide practical storage. Showcase them as part of a stunning vignette, or stack them up to create a one-of-a-kind bedside piece.

If you’re up for a DIY project, you can easily turn a large old suitcase into a coffee table or side table with legs and everything. This Suitcase Table project by South Lumina Style can show you how. 


Shopping for books shouldn’t wreck your budget — and thrift stores are a gem for book lovers and decorators alike. With prices as low as 50 cents for paperbacks and a mere dollar for a hardback book, you can stock up on your favorite reads without breaking the bank.

Use a stack of books as decor risers to add a stylish touch to your vignettes. Such an easy-peasy approach, but there’s a plethora of ways to display them. For more ideas on decorating with books, this post from Home Made Lovely can help. 

Brass Trinkets

Brass oil lamp and other brass items

This classic decor element amps up any space with an eclectic mix of mid-century modern, farmhouse chic, and contemporary styles. Brass is simply that versatile. And the great thing about it is that you can score amazing brass pieces at thrift stores, from candlesticks and light fixtures to trays and furniture hardware. 

Table Linens

For dinner parties and the holidays, it’s nice to spread out table linens and make the tableau more festive. Of course, they require washing (and maybe ironing), but if you hunt deep enough, you can find beautiful table runners and fabric placemats at the thrift store. Sometimes, their quality is way more decent than those you buy brand new. 


Blue Vintage Ornate Decor and Antiques in Antique Store

Unique artwork does not have to be expensive, and the best place to look for one is in thrift stores and antique shops. Large retailers typically sell mass-produced artwork that thousands of people own. So, while you can get cheap artwork from a big store, it’s common and meh. It’s more like a space filler rather than a conversation starter. Thrift stores, meanwhile, are brimming with interesting and rare finds that, if you’re lucky, are reasonably priced.

Artwork isn’t just about paintings, printouts, and photographs. You can frame music sheets or old calendar pages. Textile art is also a great option for wall decors, like tapestries, quilts, woven wall hangings, and embroidery pieces. Even silk scarves can be framed and hung as a piece of art. 


When you go thrift store shopping, don’t forget to check out the dishes. You don’t have to buy a whole set because you most likely have plenty at home. But perhaps you can score a few pieces to decorate your space with. 

Enamel pitchers work great as vases, and displaying them instantly adds a rustic chic touch to your home. Salad plates with pretty edges can easily become storage for keys and trinkets. 


Pink Flowers in Clear Glass Vase

Old serving trays are a common thrift store find. Sure, they may bear outdated colors or patterns, but don’t let that discourage you. A simple coat of spray paint can transform them into stylish and versatile accent pieces. From holding your coffee table essentials to showcasing a curated vignette, the possibilities are endless with these must-have finds.


Thrift stores are loaded with vases, and you’ll be amazed at how many you can find for a low price. If you keep an eye out, you might even come across a rare and unique vase that is definitely worth keeping. 

Vintage vases and pots, like those aged, textured, and deliberately “dirty,” may come at a hefty price in retail stores. But you can transform some cheap, secondhand vases into beautiful pieces with a rustic chic style. Check out this Easy DIY Aged Vase from DecorHint.  

Seasonal Decor

Christmas Decorations in Close Up Shot

You don’t use Christmas tree trinkets and other seasonal decor year-round. So, it’s definitely okay to skimp on them by thrift shopping. Second-hand stores may offer really low prices on holiday decor, especially if you shop off-season. 


Solid wood furniture is very popular these days, and you can easily embrace this trend without breaking the bank. Even a slightly worn piece of furniture can have a lot of potential — you can repaint and refinish it to give it a whole new look. What’s truly important is the structure of the furniture. If it’s sound and solid, well, you’ve found yourself a fantastic piece. 

TIP: Give your furniture a good wipe-down before bringing it inside. Sanding also removes any debris that may have accumulated on the piece. Read this article for more tips, How to Clean Wood Furniture.


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