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Updating Your Bedroom? Consider a Modern Platform Bed for a Fresh Look

Modern platform beds are trending these days—for a reason. While interior styles are becoming more eclectic, there’s still a desire for certain elements to remain timeless. Yes, bed frames are among those things. And the type of beds people are going for are modern platform beds. Why?

Modern Platform Beds Are Stylish

Compared to some bed frames of the past, modern platform beds are sleek and compact. Their sleek and compact design eliminates the need for clunky box springs or separate foundations. This means they are a great choice for anyone looking to update their bedroom with a fresher and chicer look.

Platform bed frames tend to have a minimalist style, too, casting a striking contrast to the more traditional bed frames. The low-profile style and clean lines make them super versatile—they can fit in a contemporary bedroom and just as well in a rustic one. 

Hygge, Scandinavian, or Mid-Century Modern, a Platform Bed Fits Right In

As said, platforms are pretty versatile, matching just about any interior style, more so if you get one that’s made of wood. 

Popular interior design styles all have one thing in common: emphasis on the beauty and authenticity of natural materials, especially wood. There’s just something so comforting, warm, and cozy about real wood. Having this vibe in the bedroom is incredibly important.

So, don’t just get a platform bed. Get one that’s made of natural solid wood to give your bedroom a fresh upgrade. 

Solid Wood Platform Beds Are Simply Durable

Bed frames are meant to be long-lasting, as with any piece of furniture that’s key to how we function daily. You need a bed that not only has a timeless look. It actually has to endure decades of everyday use. 

This is why solid wood frames are the best choice. Real hardwood beds are simply built to last. By choosing furniture made from natural materials, you get the added bonus of traditional construction methods. No flimsy screws or nails, just timeless joinery for unbeatable durability.

Platform Beds Are Also Pretty Comfy

When you search about the pros and cons of having a wooden platform bed, one of the listed cons is that it’s too firm and uncomfortable.

It probably depends on who uses it and how the bed is designed. T.Y. Fine Furniture bed frames, for example, come with wooden slats that provide good support without being too firm. They don’t sag either because of the center leg supports. We also have a new wooden slat system, available on a separate purchase, that’s adjustable to support specific areas of your body. 

They Are Easy to Maintain

Solid wood platform beds are quite easy to maintain. A simple, occasional wipe-down with a dry cloth may suffice, which is definitely not the case with boxy beds with upholstered headboards. 

Aside from wiping your wooden bed frame every once in a while, you may also reapply a wood finish to maintain its natural sheen. T.Y. Fine Furniture has its very own propriety wood balm that’s made of natural, non-toxic, and VOC-free ingredients. It’s specifically formulated to maintain the patina of wood without overpowering harmful chemicals. 

Contemporary Platform Beds Are Better for Small Spaces

Box springs may come fully assembled, which means having them pass through narrow and compact spaces can be a challenge.

When you order platform beds, you may have to assemble them yourself. But as they come in parts, you won’t have to lug around a huge piece through small doorways and tight corners. This makes platforms the more convenient option. 

Our bed frames ship in smaller boxes, all securely strapped to a custom-made wood pallet. They are designed to disassemble quickly for faster shipping and easy assembly in even the most difficult spaces.

Tips for Choosing a Modern Platform Bed

  • Consider the size of your bedroom. Choose a bed that fits your bedroom. Don’t overcrowd or make it hard to move around.
  • Think about your style. Modern platform beds come in a variety of styles, from sleek and minimalist to more traditional and ornate. Get a bed frame that matches your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.
  • Consider the materials. Choose a material that not only withstands the test of time but also adds a touch of style to your sanctuary. Wood is simply timeless, but metal is also a good option.
  • Look for features that are important to you. Some platforms come with built-in storage space, while others have adjustable headboards and integrated side tables. Consider the features that are important to you.


Once you have chosen a modern platform bed, you can complete the look with stylish bedding and bedroom decor. For a fresher look, keep things simple and go for decor with neutral colors made from natural materials. 



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