Shop Local: Coffee Table Made in the USA

Shop Local: Coffee Table Made in the USA

The living room, as the heart of the home, is where cherished stories of family and friends come to life. Sitting at the center of it is usually a coffee table. A lone piece of furniture surrounded by sofas and chairs, it’s seemingly inconspicuous. But it holds unspoken importance—the coffee table is the anchor that holds together all the pieces in that space. 

The coffee table is a multitasking marvel, blending function and style. As a functional piece, it’s normally constructed at level with the surrounding seats for easy access. Sometimes, it has compartments and drawers for storage. And, as a decorative piece, a coffee table is pretty enough and brings everything together without overpowering the space.

Coffee Table Built by Artisans 

Beautifully designed, handcrafted to last, and American-made—this is what you can expect from coffee tables created by T.Y. Fine Furniture. 

Our coffee tables are simple yet elegant for that true timeless appeal. They are designed to honor the raw beauty of natural wood, with its distinctive grain and color. The materials we use—cherry, maple, oak, and walnut—are authentic solid wood sustainably harvested from managed forests in Ohio. 

Crafted using traditional joinery, our coffee tables can stand the test of time. They are honest pieces made from real wood and built by artisans’ hands, not cheap veneers or flimsy screws in a factory. 

Locally Made and Organically Finished

We take pride in crafting exquisite American-made coffee tables, defying the outsourcing trend of our time. Our commitment to local production sets us apart in a world where quality often takes a backseat.

The wood is locally sourced, and the pieces are crafted in our workshop in Columbus, Ohio. This means that our coffee tables don’t travel far and are built ethically and with integrity. 

We also use a signature Organic Finish on our coffee tables and all other furniture pieces. Tarik Yousef, the owner, has extensively researched and tested this propriety finish using advanced chemistry methods, with some help from his microbiologist dad.

Our Wood Finish is food-grade and entirely organic, without volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It protects your coffee table, and its satin sheen elegantly enhances the beauty of natural wood, all while keeping you and your loved ones safe from harmful chemicals.

Solid Wood Coffee Tables 

If you want a coffee table built with premium materials, T.Y. Fine Furniture is the place to go. Take a look at our collection of solid wood coffee tables:

Modern Coffee Table

Inspired by Mid-Century Modern design, this piece embodies the quintessential traits of furniture from that time. It features clean and sleek lines, tapered legs, and functional but minimal storage. While it’s a stylish rendition of MCM, its design is not limited to the era and can easily blend in any space, whether modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, or rustic chic. 

Enso Round Coffee Table

The Enso Coffee Table is a versatile and stunning piece of furniture that complements any contemporary space with its impeccable details and beautiful material. Inspired by Asian furniture construction and the Japanese aesthetic, this piece is timeless and classic.

Cantilever Coffee Table

The Cantilever piece is an impressive accent table that showcases sweeping lines of balance in motion. A stunning accent table, this piece is definitely a conversation starter. It is designed to withstand 500 pounds and is engineered for daily functionality and sturdiness.

Essentials Coffee Table 

The Modern Essentials Table has a one-inch thick solid wood top and hand-shaped wood hairpin legs. It is designed to fit well in Mid Century Modern-inspired spaces, embodying the simplicity and style of the era. As such, it’s a very versatile piece that seamlessly fits any interior design style.


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