Fiddle Leaf Fig

Decorating With Fiddle Leaf Fig, 5 Tips

A Fiddle Leaf Fig, aka Ficus lyrata, is a beautiful addition to any home. It adds a touch of greenery and life, and its leaves’ unique shape and texture stand out amongst other indoor plants in your space. Whether looking for something to fill a corner or use as a statement piece (it can be, especially when it grows taller), a fiddle leaf fig will surely be a beautiful and exciting choice.

1. An Empty Corner Is the Perfect Spot

Fill empty corners with a stunning fiddle leaf fig tree. Bare spaces, once occupied by a big, beautiful plant like this species, transform into a corner with visual interest. Even when it’s not the focal point, the natural green color draws the eyes and makes the space seem more vibrant. Of course, other plants can do the job, but not quite as well as a fiddle leaf fig, with its large, slightly curvy leaves. 

2. Use It to Soften Hard Lines

Have you noticed how our spaces are filled with hard, straight lines and sharp corners? The lines from the windows, furniture, and flooring are practically everywhere. Putting up decor, even if only a few, allows your eyes to rest from these lines. 

Placing a fiddle leaf fig beside a console, dresser, or sectional softens the hard look of furniture edges. You may observe the same effect when you put it near windows. The shape of its roundish leaves provides a beautiful contrast from all the lines you see, and the curvy lines from the leaves' veins add a gorgeous pattern to your space.

This plant’s lush green colors also pop out nicely against neutral or white walls, softening up the look of your space even more.  

3. A Stylish Pot Can Do a Lot

The fiddle leaf fig is gorgeous by itself, but putting it in a stylish pot spruces up your space a bit more. A modern white pot is trendy, and its minimal aesthetic is versatile enough for any interior style. So, you might want this for your plant baby. 

You can also opt for pot covers. A popular option is a basket made with plant fibers like jute, rattan, or bamboo. This adds a Bohemian vibe to your space and softens up the place even more with the natural, bare look of the baskets. You can also use a cover made from textiles like linen or canvas. 

Quick Tip: Ensure the pot has a 2-3 inches bigger drainage hole than the fiddle leaf fig’s root ball. This allows your plant to take in all the nutrients it needs as best as possible.

Fiddle-leaf fig Plant on a Pot

4. Place Them Near Large Windows

Placing your fiddle leaf fig near large windows provides a view of nature. If you live in an apartment with the cityscape in plain sight, a touch of nature might be good for you, and this is one way to do it. 

You can also put your plant on the patio, deck, or porch. This works really well if you have large windows or sliding glass doors—you’ll have a clear view of your gorgeous fiddle leaf fig. 

Note: Fiddle leaf figs love bright sunlight. But it doesn’t do so well when directly hit by natural light. Too much sun exposure eventually burns the leaves. So, strategically place your fiddle leaf fig in some corner where it receives good indirect light. 

5. Great Alternative to Non-essential Furniture

Of course, your fiddle leaf fig cannot, by any means, replace your most functional furniture. But you must admit, you have a few pieces here and there that aren’t entirely necessary and are just there to fill a space like those end tables in your living room.

End tables frame your sofa or loveseat and provide minimal storage. But if they’re all for aesthetics, you might want to try decorating this tiny space with a young fiddle leaf fig (or the dwarf variety) instead.

Nightstands aren’t entirely necessary, too. But you can balance both sides of your bed with a fiddle leaf fig. Consider attaching a small, inconspicuous shelf on the wall if you need bedside storage. 

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