Guide on How to Buy the Perfect Bed

Guide on How to Buy the Perfect Bed

When it comes to replacing a bed, there is no hard and fast rule. However, if you've realized that you're not sleeping as well as you used to or that your bed frame is beginning to creak, now might be the time to upgrade. Mattresses are normally replaced after 7 or 8 years of regular usage, however there may be other reasons why you require a replacement.

Perhaps you've recently redecorated your room and your old bed no longer fits, or you're looking for a style that will go with your new bedroom furniture. Whatever your reason for purchasing a new bed, you must make a critical selection.

A good night's sleep is essential for a happy and healthy life, and the bed you choose will have a significant impact on the quality of sleep you get. While shopping for a new bed can be exciting, there is a lot to think about, and the sheer number of styles available can be intimidating. This article will assist you in finding the ideal bed for your requirements. Whether you're looking for your own bed, furnishings for your guest room, or the best bed for your child, it's critical to make the best decision possible!


Before you buy a bed, you need to figure out what size you require. The larger the bed, especially if you share it with someone else, the better you will sleep. However, the dimensions of your room may decide the size you require.

You might be unsure whether a specific bed frame will fit in the limited area. It can be tough to envision how furniture will look in its final location. The best approach to solve this issue is to draw the dimensions of the bed on the room's floor. Decide where you want the bed to go and then measure the breadth and length with a tape measure. Place a little object in each of the bed's four corners. Alternatively, make a bed footprint template out of paper or cardboard and set it on the floor.

You must ensure that the size of the bed you select allows for any additional furniture you desire to include in the room. You should also double-check that the room door, closet doors, and dresser drawers can all be opened with room to spare.

Finally, consider how you will maneuver your bed frame into position. To make life easier, most bed frames come in portions, but you should double-check the size of the main component. Will you be able to maneuver around any tight corners or tiny passageways?


Your bed's length and width are significant factors, but so is its height. Bed Frames are available in a variety of forms, with significant differences in the height of the sleeping area and headboards. If someone using the bed has mobility limitations, they may have difficulty getting in and out of a bed that is too high or low for them.

The height of the headboard may appear to be insignificant, but it has a significant impact on the design and feel of your room. A high headboard will overpower a tiny space or a room with low ceilings, whereas a low headboard will have little influence in a large room or one with high ceilings.

Solid wood bed frame in bedroom


When looking for a new bed, you'll undoubtedly consider style. It's critical that your bed frame matches your décor, so consider whether you need a conventional piece of furniture or a more modern bed. Would you prefer a wooden or metal bed, and what color or shade would look best in your room? Is it necessary to match your bed frame to your existing furniture, or will you be purchasing new pieces to complement your bed?

Sleigh beds are stunning statement pieces that add a touch of elegance to any room, or maybe you like the old world charm of a beautiful metal bed frame? Do you prefer the richness of Mid Century Modern furniture or are you planning a Japanese-inspired bedroom?

If you are completely revamping your room, look for collections which feature both bed frames and matching furnishings such as wardrobes, chests, lockers and dressers.


When it comes to headboards, we've already discussed the issue of size, but there are also stylistic concerns. The headboard will most likely be the most prominent component of your bed, and hence the room's main focal point. Do you want to make a bold statement or do you prefer a more subtle look? Do you prefer sparkle and glam or do you want to go for a more basic look? Because you read in bed a lot, would you like an upholstered headboard for added comfort?


When it comes to purchasing a new bed, style is important, but comfort is crucial for a good night's sleep. A slatted foundation will be found on the majority of platform bed frames. It's possible that this is hard or flexible. Flexible slats are often made of laminated soft woods and set in a frame to provide a small amount of spring.

If you want a softer bed, you might think this might improve your comfort. Some slats can have their tension altered to meet your needs. It is recommended that the spacing between the slats not exceed 9-10cm (3in), as larger gaps may cause your mattress to wear faster.

A stunning bedframe calls for an equally attractive mattress. Regardless of how good your bed frame is, it will not provide you with the restful night's sleep you desire unless you also have a good mattress. Our Mattress Buying Guide contains all of the necessary information.

Guest Beds

Choosing a bed for your guests can be more difficult than selecting a bed frame for yourself. A guest bed may be required to accommodate a variety of guests of diverse sizes and needs. The most versatile option would be the largest bed that can fit in the room, but guest rooms are frequently smaller than master bedrooms, and space may be limited.

A sofa bed, also called a sleeper sofa  is a popular alternative if your guest room also has to function as a study or home office. These adaptable pieces serve as a sofa during the day and a bed at night, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for sofas that convert into beds, check out these sleeper sofas from American Leather:


Children’s Beds

You'll face the same issues when looking for a kids bed as you would when looking for an adult bed. But there's another aspect to consider: the enjoyment factor! Many children's beds are built expressly to appeal to children, and these styles may make your child look forward to bedtime.

Children's rooms are frequently cramped. If you're short on room, search for a bed with built-in storage. If two or more children share a room, bunk beds are a sensible option. Bunk beds are popular among children, and there are bed frames with two singles or a small double and a single. If you plan on hosting many sleepovers, kids beds with a trundle (pull-out bed) are the best option.

Choosing Your Bed

Hopefully, you now feel more confident in making your decision. You may not have found the ideal bed yet, but you are aware of all the questions you must ask yourself. You will discover a fantastic bed that checks all of the boxes. If you're still undecided about which bed frame to choose, come visit our store and try on numerous types.

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