Guide on How to Buy the Perfect Sofa

Guide on How to Buy the Perfect Sofa

Your sofa is one of the most important furniture purchases you will make because it is supposed to last a long time. Because you will most likely use your sofa every day, it is a piece of furniture that will have a significant impact on your lifestyle as well as the overall design of your home. As a result, finding the proper one is critical!

Choosing a new sofa can be fun, but it can also be stressful because there is so much to consider. There are various elements to consider while looking for a sofa that meets all of your requirements. The TY Fine Furniture Living Room line includes a fantastic selection of trendy couches to suit all tastes and spaces.

With so many different types and sizes of sofas to choose from, we've put together a TY Fine Furniture buying guide to assist you in making your pick.


Your new sofa will be the spot where you unwind in front of the television or read a book. If you plan on spending a lot of time resting, comfort should be a top priority when choosing furniture. Consider investing in a recliner to maximize your comfort, especially if you like to nap, and search for a sofa with a matching footstool if you prefer to put your feet up.

 We often suggest focusing on comfort before style or function because we can often change fabrics, finishes and even arm style once you’ve selected the right feeling sofa. Additionally, almost all of our sofas are available in a variety of configurations including anywhere from an arm chair up to a sectional sofa. 


It's amazing how frequently you sit on your sofa and how many duties this piece of furniture must do. Consider how you will use your sofa and pick a design that will blend in with your daily routine. Your sofa should solve, not add to, your issues!


Do you like to entertain people? When family and friends come to visit, they'll need a place to sit! Select a seating configuration that allows you to accommodate your frequent visitors.


When family or friends visit the night, you might not have the option of using a spare bedroom. A sofa bed is a versatile option that will allow you to provide a comfortable sleeping space for your guests.

Size Matters

There are a few practical considerations to make before you fall in love with a certain sofa. Your stylish sofa will be useless if it won't fit through your front entrance! It is critical that your furniture be able to be moved into position and fit into your space.

Your Home

Purchase a tape measure before purchasing a sofa! Compare the dimensions of your entrances to the quoted dimensions of the furniture you're interested in buying. Consider any narrow passageways in your home and whether the sofa will be required to pass through them. Is there any furniture that needs to be maneuvered around tight corners, and would it be better to bring it in through the rear door or patio doors? Look for smaller models, sofas with removable arms, or modular furniture that can be broken down into smaller components if space is an issue.

Your Room

So, your sofa will fit through the front entrance, but will it fit in the room? Furniture should compliment your decor rather than dominate it, but it can be difficult to envision exactly how it will look. Here's when your tape measure comes in helpful once more! To see if your sofa will fit comfortably in your room, first pick where you want it to go, then use your tape measure to draw out an area on the floor the same size as the sofa. Place little objects on the floor to symbolize the sofa's four corners.

Alternatively, make a template out of paper or cardboard and lay it out on the floor. When assessing your area, keep in mind that leather sofas should be at least 30cm away from radiators to avoid the leather drying out. You should also make sure there's enough space for recliners and couch beds to fully stretch.


It's time to ask yourself a couple more questions about your furniture's functionality. How many persons will you need to accommodate? How many sofas and chairs would you prefer to have in your living room? What is the most efficient method to arrange your seating so that you can maximize the available space?

Family, Friends, Pets

You should first consider the size of your family, as you will need seating for everyone who lives in the house. Consider whether or not your family is going to increase in the near future, and don't forget about your pets if they enjoy cuddling up with you. Are there any visitors who will need to be accommodated on a frequent basis?

Sofa, Armchair, Corner unit

When you know how many people you'll be seating, you can figure out what size sofa you'll need and whether you'll need more than one. Two, three, and four-seater sofas, as well as armchairs and sectional sofas, are available in a variety of sizes.

The size and shape of your room will most likely affect your final decision. While corner units may appear to be enormous, they are typically a fantastic choice for smaller spaces since they maximize the available area.

Style and Shape

Your sofa's functionality is vital, but so is its appearance. The appropriate furniture will enrich and personalize your environment while also serving as a valuable focus point. Furthermore, the shape of your furniture may have practical ramifications and will undoubtedly effect your space utilization.

Sofas come in a wide range of designs and styles, so the sheer diversity of choices might be bewildering. Consider each facet of sofa design individually to determine exactly what you require. In our collection, you'll discover a sofa that checks all the boxes!

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