Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom

Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom

So many things. So little space. For anyone faced with this dilemma and who cannot seem to discard items from their bedroom (because they all spark joy), additional storage space for our keepsakes and necessities is always a welcomed thought. 

Bedroom storage can be both stylish and functional. Here are some stylish yet practical items that could help declutter your bedroom and transform it into the ultimate place to relax.

1. Velvet Storage Bench 

For bedrooms with a relatively larger area to spare, a storage bench might be a fitting option to store essentials. 

Storage benches come in different designs. Spice up your bedroom space by opting for a velvet storage bench with a bold color. This gives the ottoman a soft feel for comfort while providing additional storage space, particularly bedroom essentials like bed sheets and pillowcases.

For those who love DIY projects, you can repurpose an old shelf into a storage bench. Simply reinforce the seat and base and top it with a well-padded velvet bench seat on top. This is a good option for those who need to have a dedicated space for their books or a shoe rack to display all their shoes.

2. Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are a good fit for smaller living spaces. The best thing about an ottoman is that it is not just simply a chair; it can serve a multitude of functions, including storage space. Plus, compared to storage benches, storage ottomans give you additional room to store your belongings while saving a lot of space.

Storage ottomans come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and materials that make them easy to match with your décor. You may opt for classic, understated designs that come in muted colors. However, ottomans can also be signature pieces and so a pop of color or a funky print on your ottomans will not necessarily hurt.

3. Storage Shelves for Your Bedroom

A shelf’s usefulness in terms of saving space and providing additional storage can never be underestimated. Investing in a storage shelf for your bedroom allows you to keep things organized while creating more room to store them.

For rooms with higher ceilings, the best way to maximize space is to go up. Hence, vertical storage shelves. You can store many items as you can while ensuring that each storage space is neat.

One can also maximize walls by installing floating shelves or wall-mounted shelves. It does not only transform a dead wall into a stylish corner. 

4. Bedside Storage

Nightstands are small bedside tables and are often referred to as the last piece of furniture to complete an entire bedroom look. However, a nightstand is not only meant for aesthetic purposes. It can also provide your room with the needed storage space.

Go for for nightstands that have drawers in them. You can store jewelry or other small but important things in these drawers for safekeeping. Some nightstands have racks instead of drawers. This can be perfect for organizing books and magazines, especially if you love reading before going to sleep.

5. Under Bed Storage

The space under the bed is usually a perfect spot to use for storing things. You can use this space to hide shoes down to suitcases. Maximize this space by placing storage baskets or rolling storage bins underneath the bed frame as storage compartments. 

6. Storage Beds

As people opt for more functionality, furniture design has also evolved. Apart from its core function, many furniture pieces now have added features like storage. 

Storage beds are primary examples of this. Perfect for small bedrooms and apartments, storage beds have built-in drawers and discreet storage compartments for your decluttering needs. You can use this to store clothes, bedsheets, and pillows.

For those who love hosting family and friends but do not have the space to store a spare mattress, a trundle bed is a good purchase.

Choosing the Best Bedroom Storage

Before heading to your favorite furniture shops, think about your current living space and the kind of items you need to store. Imagine having to buy bulky storage that makes your room more cramped and cluttered.

If we only need more space for clothes, perhaps a bedside drawer should be considered. For those who want to organize things that you want nearer to you when you are already on your bed, a bedside table or nightstand is a perfect option. If you need more storage for bedsheets and linens, an ottoman would be a wonderful purchase.

Get Your Bedroom Furniture From Us

Considering your storage needs, it is important to choose furniture that is both stylish and functional. TY Fine Furniture has a wide selection of furniture that could provide your bedroom with the added storage space it needs. From dressers to side tables, and platform storage beds, TY Fine Furniture has it for you.

TY Fine Furniture provides furniture pieces that are versatile and can work with any interior design style. It also comes in different shapes, designs, and colors that would match your style and your bedroom's design aesthetic. 

It is also an environment-friendly brand, with each piece of furniture made of 100% solid wood. This means that each item in its catalog is free from harmful chemicals found in fast furniture. It also has a signature satin finish that is organically made to bring out the natural shine of the wood.

The next time you catch yourself saying “So many things. So little space,” remember to think about what needs to be stored and organized. Also, think of how much space is available in your bedroom.

Finally, consider purchasing multifunctional bedroom furniture that is stylish and functional to provide you with more storage space and less clutter and worry. After all, the bedroom is a place to relax and you deserve a space that allows you to do that.

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