TY Sleep 7 Zone Latex

TY Sleep
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    100% Natural 7-Zone Latex

     ergonomic design, pure natural comfort, gentle support

    Twin $2400 ~ Full $3400 ~ Queen $3450 ~ King $4700

    ~ 100% Natural Talalay (no silica fillers) latex made in the Netherlands
    ~ 8 inches of pure natural latex with 4 firmness choices
    ~ Vertical & horizontal air channels for a dry climate
    ~ Long lasting a­­nd exceptionally durable
    ~ Inherently hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
    ~ High performance stretch cover made with 100% organic cotton.
    ~ Plein Air merino wool lining to create dry sleeping climate
    ~ No turning or flipping needed
    ~ 7-Zone ergonomic design for optimal body alignment & targeted support

    The Seven Zone is our 100% natural Talalay latex foam mattress. It is best for those who enjoy gentle, quiet support with a little bit of buoyancy. Also, it is a great option for those seeking an “organic” mattress. Adding the horizontal air flow channels reduces the amount of material the shoulders and hips have to compress while creating a greater lifting sensation at the lower back. The latex core gives it substantial, resilient support without feeling hard. Free of inner-springs, the Seven Zone produces a very quiet, lifting experience, while the dense latex foam absorbs motion. This is a great mattress for those seeking a gentle lively and luxurious feel.

    A word from Michael: Our love of this natural latex design goes back to the early 1990s when we visited European furniture shows and learned of the Euroslat foundation. What we felt was profoundly ergonomic and so far ahead of our market. This was the experience that turned me from a furniture designer/builder to a mattress geek. We were then selling latex mattresses on stiff wood boards, while in Europe they have been using latex mattresses on slat bases for over 70 years. These slat bases have evolved to be extremely functional. Although our mattress is zoned to a one size fits almost all, adding the Euroslats increases breathability and create precise and gentle control of support that is in a class of its own. So to put it simply: if discovering latex was like when we first discovered bread, then discovering Euroslats would have been when we discovered butter.


$ 2,400.00
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